Zentu day

The Zentu is an elephant like pet.


The Zentu (zen-TOO) is a pastel elephant. It has long flowing hair running down its back and coming off the foreleg knee joints. It wears a headdress with a gold diamond that dangles between its eyes and it also has gold decorated tusks.

It is the only animal that changes color depending on what time of day it is adopted. The day time zentu is colored a light pink with its underbelly being a dark mauve, with its hair being a blend of pastel teal and orange. The night time zentu is colored a light purplish grey with the underbelly being a darker navy. Its hair is a blend of cream and pink.

Did You Know?Edit

  • The zentu are native to Shengui Guo and can only be adopted from the Shengui Guo Bathhouse
  • They have the ability to consume dreams. Being close to one will ansure you have good dreams, but harming one will result in nightmares
  • Zentus are extremely large, standing at 7-9 feet (2.1-2.7m) at the shoulder and weighing anywhere from 4000-8000 lbs (1814-3628kg)
  • They are herbivores, with their favourite treats being tea leaves and sakura petals
  • The Zentu was named by the users of Subeta. There was a poll put up and people voted on the most popular.

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