These skins can be obtained randomly during Morostide from the Pet Zapper v.2 for 50 Tokens per zap, or 250 for a skin you don't have once per day.  

As of November 2014, once you receive a Zapper skin, this is unlocked in the skins section of the wardrobe. Curing is no longer required, and it can be removed and worn as you need.

Element SkinsEdit

Element Skins Used to be cured using an Elemental Reversal Concoction.

Mystery SkinsEdit

Mystery Skins Used to be cured using a Mystery Reversal Concoction.

Color SkinsEdit

Color Skins Used to be cured using a Color Reversal Concoction.

Experiment SkinsEdit

Experiment Skins Used to be cured using an Experimental Reversal Concoction.

Miscellaneous SkinsEdit

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