The Warador is a plushie pet.


The Warador is a plushie pet in the form of a jester. It has a red body, loose red shoes, gloves and a brown ragged cape. It holds a short rod with a red orb at the top of it. It also wears a white and grey stitched jester cap decorated with a white skill. One of its eyes is a black hole with a red light shining through it while the other is a normal red eye.

It is available in 26 colors, including Sweetheart, Glacier and Graveyard.

Did You Know?Edit

  • All Waradors have a different type of staff.
  • They are described as sinister and evil.
  • "Golden Waradors have been known to turn ANYTHING into gold!" - Golden Warador Elixir
  • In Calvin Blackmoon's Card Crusade the King of Spades is a Warador.

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