Vernon Yun is the father of Jules Yun and previously owned Yun Enterprises along with Marcel Martenez. Vernon is also the man who created Isaac Yun, his most prized invention.

During the Atebus Revolution Masquerade Vernon was going to announce to everyone that he had discovered a new ore that would revolutionise inventions. His realisation never came to pass as he was murdered.

While he does have an NPC profile it is not active due to his death and will most likely be cleared out

Masquerade:Ziara HistoryEdit

After your first trip into the past during the event you speak to Vernon Yun, advising him of the attempt that will be made on his life. Upon returning to the current coda caves Itallo informs that your actions have resulted in the sale of Yun Enterprises to Blackmoon Corp. You return to the past and stop yourself, pick-pocketing your time travel device, however when you return to the current coda caves it is revealed Vernon Yun is still alive and has happily retired, leaving his sons Isaac and Jules in charge of Yun Enterprises

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