User Profiles are where the users of Subeta can display their stats, pets and anything else, within reason, that they would like.

Users can submit their out profile layout or simply keep the default one on Subeta. Examples of profile layouts can be seen on SubetaLodge. In the default mode, layouts can have 1, 2 or 3 columns and can display a variety of information which fall into the categories listed below:

Basic Userinfo displays your Username, your real name, Gender and when you were last seen.

Extra Userinfo displays when you first joined, how long you have been a member, how many forum posts you have (recent posts and recent topics can be accessed here too), how many items are in your Collections, what Trades you have, how many achievements you have, your Game scores and what cult you belong to.

Interests lets you list what your personal interest are so that you can find other people with similar interests.

Pets lets you display all of your pets.

Human Avatar displays your current dressed avatar.

Options shows the "Send Buddy Request" and "Mail User" options. It will also display event options like sending a flower during Vesnali or Trick or Treat options.

Shops displays the user's shops and galleries of items.

Medals shows all the trophies from games or plot achievements gained.

Comment allows other users to comment on your profile.

Gallery is a disabled function now. It previously showed the user's artwork in their own gallery on Subeta.

Journal links to the your journal if you have one. Journals can also be decorated much like user and pet profiles.

Wishlist displays your current wishlist items.

Friends displays all if your friends.

Widgets is a place where you can put custom code from other sites.

Blank Section adds a simple blank section that you can edit as you please.

Multimedia adds a section for video spaces. The current accepted formats include: Youtube, Veoh, Justin.TV, Google Video, Myspace Video, Viddler, Lala, Photobucket, Hulu, Yahoo! Video and Vimeo.

Stickers shows a list the stickers you have collected.

Achievements shows a graphic list of your current achievements gained.

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