The Tutani is an orca like pet.


The Tutani (too-TAH-nee) is a teal orca. It has a light underbelly and circle around its green eyes. It has a pair of wings near the end of its tail. It has three pointed fins on its back.

Did You Know?Edit

  • The Tutani is a native species of the Arctic Frost but does travel around to warmer waters through the year
  • Males range between 22-26 feet (6.7-8 m) and females are only slightly smaller at 18-22 feet (5.5-6.7 m). They can weigh up to 9 tons, though 4-6 tends to be average
  • Female tutanis have a long gestational period at two years - and a newborn tutani can weigh 350 pounds (158 kg)
  • The wings on their tails serves as rudders and they can turn very sharply despite their size

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