The Shadowglen Underground is a new plot released during the Great Pandemic in 2012.

Day 1Edit

It started off with a Random Event from Skitters asking for your assistance. If you went to The Zombie Den you had the option of "talking" with him. Doing so would lead to the following conversation:


Skitters shakes his head, then holds up a finger to you. The meaning is clear: wait a moment. He pulls out a sheet of paper, and begins to write. After a few moments, he passes a note to you.

Thank you for coming, I really appreciate your willingness to help, especially during such a trying time for our peoples.

No doubt you recall my interest in the bakery owner, Fantine. I am pleased to say that she has been quite open-minded about the situation, but lately she seems to have grown more distant and secretive. She just hasn't been her normal self, and I am very worried about her.

I don't want to cause a stir in Centropolis by going myself. Would you be willing to visit her bakery and look around a little bit? Don't tell her I sent you, if you please, I don't want her to think that I don't trust her, just... If you notice anything out of place, please let me know.

Take this notebook. It will help you keep track of anything you come across.

Since Skitters wants you to go see Fantine. If you go to The Bake Stop, you will see that she is busy with customers and that there is the option to sneak into her kitchen. You will be able to click in random places, with a 2 - 5 minute wait in between clicks, to search for clues.

A search of the bakery will eventually turn up 3 clues:

  • Heavy Duty Theatrical Concealer
    • As you walk around, you step on something and feel it squish under you foot. Looking down, you see that you have stepped on a tube of some kind. Lifting it, the lable becomes clearly visible; it is Heavy Duty Theatrical Concealer, the kind used by makeup artists. A bakery is definitely an odd place to find this. You make a note of it in your book.
  • Mostly-empty Vial
    • Amidst the jars of ingredients, you notice something out of place. A vial lays on its side, a few drops of whatever it contained clinging to the sides. It gives off a strong, unpleasant smell. You leave it where it is, but decide to make a note of it in your book.
  • Your Changing Body: An Introduction to Undeath
    • The room is filled with recipe cards and recipe books, but one particular book catches your eye, "Your Changing Body: An Introduction to Undeath". Thumbing through the pages, it appears to be a book designed to help young zombies come to terms with all the changes taking place in their life. This is definitely out of place. You set it down on the work table and make a note of it in your book.

Once you have found all 3 items, Fantine will immediately appear to confront you. The following is a lists of the conversations. The bold lines are the options that you can say.


You turn to continue exploring, and are startled by Fantine standing in the doorway, a frown on her face. "What are you doing?" she demands.

Choice AEdit

I was here to steal the recipe for your Chocolate Bacon Brownie Blasters, but I couldn't find it. I know, I am terrible. I will leave right now.

Fantine's frown deepens, and she looks around the room to see if any of her recipe cards or books are out of place. She notices the copy of Your Changing Body: An Introduction to Undeath that you moved. She gives you a critical look.

"I don't think the recipe is in that book. What are you really doing?"

Choice A.AEdit

It was like that when I came in, I didn't even notice it until you pointed it out.

Fantine's face becomes plainly angry, and she raises her voice.

"I know that you are lying! That book was on the shelf, right between Drink Like Dionysis and Molto Bene Pene. I know where I keep my things, thank you very much. Stop being an idiot."

Choice A.BEdit

I was snooping. Skitters sent me to check in on you. He has been worried about you lately.

[Response for this was the same as Choice B]

Choice BEdit

Skitters is worried about you. He noticed that you have been acting strangely lately, and sent me to make sure everything was okay here.

Fantine's expression softens. "He is so strange sometimes. He could have just called me! Though, I suppose a bit of strangeness comes with the territory." She gestures to the copy of Your Changing Body: An Introduction to Undeath and laughs a little. "It was supposed to be a surprise, but... Well, I have decided to become Undead!"
She sees the look of disbelief on your face, and continues. "I know, it sounds crazy! It's just... I really like him. Honestly. I know it's hard for you to look at him and see anything but an undead guy, but he is caring and intelligent and gentle. There are certain people in the Underground that really do not approve of him fraternizing with humans, so I thought I would solve the problem. I mean, how bad could it be? There are a bunch of people that have chosen to stay undead, and they seem to make it work."

You aren't sure what to say. While it is pretty sweet and brave of her to even consider the idea, never mind go through with it, you are confused by the actual logistics of it. So you... What? You got a zombie to bite you or something?

Fantine gives you a chastizing look. "Don't use that word. And no, no. Nothing like that. I'm not sure how they found out about my plans, but a friend of a friend approached me and told me they could help me with my problem. They brought me a little vial of distilled infection, and it seems to be working so far"

A friend of a friend? Who?

She struggles to remember for a moment. "His name was Sawbones. He said he was a friend of Skitters, and that my secret was safe with him. I don't think I have ever seen him hanging around with Skitters, but he was nice enough."

So you just took a mysterious vial from a stranger and drank whatever was in it? When you know specifically that some zom- Unliving really want you out of the picture? That didn't seem unwise to you?

She gives you an incredulous look. "Honestly, what was the worst that could happen? That he would poison me? I was trying to die, anyway." She stops to think for a moment, "I could have phrased that better. Undeath! I wanted to un-die- No, wait, that sounds even stupider. You know what I mean, though."

Uh, yeah, sure. Perfectly clear. Good luck with your transition, I suppose.

"I can't help but think you are being slightly insincere, but thank you."

After completing these steps you will be awarded with an Achievement and and give the Apprentice Patissier Toque. You can now return to Skitters to tell him of your findings:

Skitters nods as you recount your tale to him. When you are done, he pulls out a sheet of paper and writes a note to you:

She messaged me on BetaChat while you were on your way back and we talked for a bit. It's a sweet gesture, though definitely reckless. I can't tell her how to live her life, or unlife, pardon the joke, and I can only hope that becoming one of us truly makes her happy.

I didn't tell this to her, but I don't know anyone called Sawbones, and I especially am not friends with anyone that has samples of a distilled infection to pass out. The fact that a working sample was available really concerns me, and I think we've stumbled onto something quite sinister.

You've already been so helpful, and I feel like I can continue to rely on you. I need someone to do a bit more footwork on my behalf. I would like to start investigating this troubling turn of events as soon as possible. The tricky bit is that only the Undead are welcome in the Underground, and I have a strong feeling that is where our search should begin.

You will need to be Unliving in order to explore the Undergound freely. It seems like you have already become infected. I'm not sure if I should consider luck to be on our side in that respect, or if I should be very troubled. You picked up this infection from the Bakery, didn't you? It seems to be particularly virulent, not to mention airborne. I am now fully convinced that this infection needs to be stopped.

Meet me here again tomorrow, and we will start our investigation.

Day 2Edit

Day 2 starts very much like the first one with another event saying that Skitters is waiting for you. Upon going to the Zombie Den, you will be greeted by Skitters:

As you approach the meeting place in Shadowglen Graveyard, Skitters is already waiting for you. When he sees you, he smiles, and as you draw closer he gives you a friendly pat on the shoulder.


He pulls out a piece of paper, and this time the note appears to be pre-written.

I am so glad that you came, my friend. Given the gravity of what we uncovered yesterday, I wouldn't have blamed you for removing yourself from the situation. Your strength of character will not be forgotten when all of this comes to a close.

Today, we should gather information. It will look odd if I am asking questions, so I will remain in my shop up here and listen in on the conversation of shoppers for any clues. As for you, I think the Commerce District would be an excellent place to start looking for information.

You pass the note back, and Skitters gives you a thumbs-up and a grin. "NICE DISEASE." You thank him awkwardly, then make your way toward the entrance to the Underground's Commerce District.

The Underground Commerce District is part of the Underground but, as the name denotes, has shops in it. There is a poster hanging up and when you click on it you can take it as a clue.

As you wander around the underground, a flyer catches your eye. It advertises the Z Coalition, and it is self-described as concerning "zombie rights". According to the flyer, there is a gathering coming up with topics such as "the human threat" and "zombie: taking back the z word". There are a few of these flyers pasted up, so you decide to take one. It seems like it could be important.

The Commerce District has several places that you can explore. Since Skitters asked you to talk to the shopkeepers, that's what you can do at this stage. Note: if you try to go to the pub before anything you will simply get warning saying that the shop is closed. You must talk to Weeper first, otherwise, you cannot talk to the others.

Clicking on the church will lead you into Weeper's shop where you can also talk to him.

Weeper's TalkEdit

You enter the alchemy supplies shop, and are surprised by all the strange, mystical items stuffing every shelf and piled on every surface. At first glance, you have no idea how anyone could find what they are looking for, but after a moment you begin to see the order in what is actually organized-chaos. Business seems slow right now, so the owner should have a moment to talk with you.

Excuse me, I am looking for some information. Have you noticed anything strange lately?

The owner regards you critically for a moment, a look that unsettles you as one of his eyes is partly covered by a group of rather angry looking boils...and he may or may not have a sneer, you're really not sure. "Strange in what way?"

Option AEdit

Have you noticed anyone out of the ordinary shopping here?

"Aside from you? No. This is a specialized business. I normally get the same set of people."

Thank you, anyway. Do you know if anyone else might be able to help me?

"Your questions are pretty vague, but I suppose you could try Zosi, the Alchemist next door while you're here. Oh, and you might want to try Rachelle over at Rachelle's Replacement and Repair. They have people in and out all day long."

Option BEdit

Have you sold any unusual items lately?

"Look around, I sell nothing but unusual items. If you are asking if someone bought a pipe bomb here or something, no. Just normal alchemy supplies."

Thank you, anyway. Do you know if anyone else might be able to help me?

[The next will lead you back to Option A]


After talking with Weeper, you can now talk to the other zombies in the shops. You can either go to Zosi or to Rachelle.

To get to Zosi, just click on the forge beside the church. You will be able to talk to him now.

Zosi's TalkEdit

At first glance, the dimly lit alchemist's lab seems empty. You take a moment to study the walls of the lab, which are papered in recipes written in a hundred different languages, only a few of which you recognize. Once your eyes have adjusted to the gloom, you notice someone sitting in the back room having a snack.

You knock on one of the tables, and the person, whom you can only assume is the Alchemist, gets up to greet you, still holding a sandwich in one hand and chewing ponderously.

Hi, I am looking for some information. The shop owner next door said you might be able to help. Have you had any unusual customers or noticed anything odd in the area, lately?

The Alchemist finished chewing and swallows. When he speaks, he has an unusual and heavy accent. You wonder if it is left over from his life before, or the product of some sort of damage to the face. "No." He says, unhelpfully.

Anything at all would really be helpful? I wouldn't be bothering people if it wasn't important.

The alchemist was about to take another bite of sandwich, but restrains himself just for you. How thoughtful! "You too young, how you can understand all the strange thing I seen? I am dead magician, everyday I see strange thing in mirror." Unable to resist the call of his snack any longer, he finishes it in two large bites.

You groan, and consider that you are going to think of a more specific way of asking, other than strange. "Alright. Compared to the normal level of strangeness in your life, or unlife, have you noticed anything or anyone that you would categorize as unusual or odd?

After finishing his sandwich, the alchemist immediately peels a slightly bruised banana and starts to devour it. You decide not the spend too much time thinking about where he was keeping it. "Yes," he says after a moment, "I have seen fresh young corpse going, asking question."

Have you? Excellent, do you know where they went?

The Alchemist has now produced a packaged snack cake and is eating it simultaneously with the banana. This is getting both gross and weird. "Yes, they are here in room."

You clue in and sigh with frustration. "Very funny. Thanks for your time. Oh... uh, you seem pretty hungry. Are you alright?

The alchemist looks down at his hands, as if just now noticing the food. "Oh, is my diseases. Windigosis. Always am hungry. You want?" He produces another packaged snack cake and offers it to you.

While the packaging is sealed, it still looks pretty questionable. You decline politely and continue on your mission.

Rachelle's TalkEdit

To talk with Rachelle, you click onto the door above The Lost Skeleton which will take you to her doctor's office.

You honestly weren't sure what you were expecting an undead limb replacement shop to be like. Maybe something out of a horror movie, but definitely not this. The place is almost sterile - no limbs laying around in piles, no mysterious puddles of blood. Truthfully, it's kind of a let down!

There is a tidy list of the kind of replacements they perform on the wall, and a few photo albums showing off the quality of their work and their happy clients. You spend a few minutes flipping through them in astonishment before remembering your mission and getting back to work.

It's so clean in here!

The doctor looks at you with mild irritation. "Well, I'm a doctor, not a butcher. I don't have to relax my standards just because my patients are dead."

No offense intended, I am just new to undeath and all. I am learning all kinds of things today.

"No doubt." The doctor says, though she still looks a bit irritated. "What can I help you with? It's the face, right? You definitely have some facial problems."

You touch your face, suddenly self-conscious. Uh, no. I wasn't planning on getting anything replaced today. I am just wondering if you have had any customers that you would consider out of the ordinary lately?

The doctor thinks for a moment, and when she answers you are relieved that she isn't being flippant like that last two. "No, not that I can recall. There have been a few fish hook removals, the usual amount of mechanizations, a double leg replacement... Hmm, yesterday, there was a spider bite, hydraulic tubing repair, and two drunks that wanted to be sewn together, but that happens from time to time with the pub nearby. Are you investigating a crime or something?"

You aren't sure how to answer. You finally settle on I'm not sure, yet.

The doctor seems relatively satisfied with that answer. "If you're really looking for someone to ask, you should ask Bubbles, the pub owner. He gets a parade of strangeness every day."

Thanks. Can you tell me where I can find him?

Out and down the stairs, you can't miss the sign.
You thank the doctor again and continue on your way.

Bubbles' TalkEdit

Now that you have spoken to all the zombies, you can enter The Lost Skeleton and speak with Bubbles.

Sure enough, the pub is easy to locate. A sign on the door says "Closed for Renovations" but you peek inside anyway, knocking on the door as you do so. Inside, there is a small crowd of what you assume to be contractors doing repair, while another man stands apart, writing out a menu on a chalkboard. You decide to talk to him.

Hi, sorry to bother you. I'm not a customer, I am just investigating something and I wanted to know if I could ask you a few questions.

The owner has a gruff exterior and a harsh face, but he seems open to answering. "Sure," he says, taking a to tuck his chalk into the heart-shaped pocket of his apron.

Have you noticed any strange new customers?

The owner gives your question some serious thought. "We've been closed since the cave in the other day, but not that I can think of. We get a lot of turn-over, but it's normally the same people. I've seen a couple of fresh ones like you, but we're used to getting newbies coming down, looking for a good story to tell when they cure."

You laugh awkwardly, a bit self-conscious about your own actions. Did any of them act oddly?

"Just a sec," the owner says as one of the contractors calls for his attention. It takes him a couple of minutes to get back to you, which gives you a moment to look at the drink selections. Some are average choices that you would find on the surface, but others have names like Rot Rum and Decay Blaster, which are decidedly ethnic sounding. The owner returns. "No, they're usually polite, and just want a thrill. Some of them try the local recipes and make themselves sick, but I've had grosser things on the floor."

You shudder a little at the thought, and clear your mind by thinking of puppies playing in a field of rainbows. What about regular customers? Have any of them been acting any differently?

"Well, the doc came in here the other day and gave me a lecture about over-serving, but nothing el- Actually, you know what? Joe - We call him Bug Guy Joe - was in here last night celebrating and buying drinks."

Did he mention what he was celebrating?

"He just said that he had a big pay day, but he runs that shady bug game over in the root forest. If he got his hands on a lot of money, I guarantee he scammed someone for it."

That seems like an interesting bit of information. Now that you have questioned all the shop keepers, you decide to go back to Skitters with what you have learned. You thank the owner for his time and head out.


Now that you have gathered as much information as you can, head back to Skitters to tell him the update. He will now let you advance the plot:

Skitters is already waiting when you arrive. He listens patiently as you tell him the details of your day, and the information you came across. He smiles when you tell him about the the Alchemist's teasing, seems to consider the Doctor's words carefully, and nods in agreement when you tell him what the Bartender had to say. As usual, his communication comes in written form:

Bubbles, the pub owner, is right, Bug Guy Joe was behaving out of character, but I'm not sure what his involvement might be. He's a petty criminal at best, and certainly not equipped for the kind of wide-spread villainy I suspect. Still, it's a lead, and more information than we had this time yesterday.

You've done a lot of good work today, but I don't want you to draw any further attention to yourself for the moment. We'll talk to Bug Guy Joe soon. Why don't you spend the red of the day exploring and getting aquainted with the underground? I'm sure some of the local business have something to offer you. The Zombie Den is especially good, I hear. Ha ha, sorry, couldn't resist.

I will look into the lead that you discovered. I suspect that I am going to need you assistance again, and I will contact you soon.

At the end of Day 2 you will be awarded with an achievement and the item Rottie.

Day 3Edit

Like the last time, you will get another event notification telling you to go and meet Skitters to talk. He will have the following conversation with you:

Your infection has continued to progress, and you aren't feeling at the top of your game today, but you travel to the Shadowglen Graveyard anyway. Things are just getting interesting, and you're not going to let a little pending-undeath get in the way of that.

When you arrive, Skitters is no where to be seen. You make yourself comfortable on a rock and sit for a while. Several minutes pass, and you start to wonder if something happened to him. What if he was right? What if there was some kind horrible evil plot? What if they came and took him out of the picture?

Suddenly, someone grabs you by the shoulders from behind and shouts "BOO!". You understandably freak out a bit, jumping up and turning around to face the person, but it is only Skitters.


You let him know (with a few expletives) that no, it was not funny and that you almost peed yourself. To his credit, he looks contrite and apologetic. "SKITTERS SORRY. TRY TO LIGHTEN MOOD." He pulls out a sheet of paper with a pre-written note.

Welcome back, my friend. Yesterday, after questioning some of the notable business owners in the Commerce District, we uncovered that Bug Guy Joe, a petty criminal, was acting out of character, and may be involved in this plot somehow.

Aside from his other criminal proclivities, Bug Guy Joe also runs the bug game in the root forest, which he uses as a marginally more legal way of scamming people out of their money. Visit him there and question him.

You say goodbye to skitters and head off to the underground.

You will now be able to access the Root Forest and talk to Bug Guy Joe to further the investigation.

Bug Guy Joe's TalkEdit

The cavern that has been referred to as the root forest is as beautiful as it is chilling. The roots from a hundred trees on the surface above branch through and across the cavern, giving the illusion of tree trunks. Sure enough, Bug Guy Joe is there. When he sees you, he calls out to you.

"Hey you! You wanna make some money? Got an easy game, just gotta swat some flies. How hard could it be, right? I'm practically giving money away."

Actually, I was hoping we could talk for a minute! I'm looking for some information, and I was hoping you could help me out. I understand that you have come into some money lately. What kind of work did you need to do to make it?

He instantly begins to look uncomfortable. He avoids eye contact and fidgets with his clothing. "I don't know what you're talking about."

Come on, Bug Guy Joe, it's not fair to keep information about such a great score to yourself. Help a sister out. We're all just trying to make a quick buck, right?

Do zombies sweat? You swear that you see beads of sweat forming on his brow, and are amused by how easily this is going. Skitters was right, this guy is definitely no mastermind. "I don't know what you are talking about. All I have is my completely legitimate business venture, here."

Really getting into character, you lean into his personal space, in what you hope it a casual but also ominous way. You're a liar, Bug Guy Joe. The bartender saw you flashing big stacks of cash, and you bought drinks for everyone in the place. I'm not stupid. You channel every gangster movie you have ever seen and level him with a cold gaze. You don't think I'm stupid, do you, Bug Guy Joe?

"No, no! Nothing like that! It's just... There are certain people that don't want me to talk about this. Certain people that can make my life miserable."

You are dying of laughter on the inside, but you hold a straight face. Playing a gangster is a lot of fun. You don't think that I can make your life miserable, Bug Guy Joe? Where are these 'certain people'? Because I'm here now, Joe. Are you sure you want to test me?

He rubs his hands together nervously, then glances around the cavern to make sure no one is listening. "Listen, I don't want no trouble. How about we strike a deal? If I tell, I'm not gonna get any business of these certain people no more, so make it worth my while."

You pretend to look as insulted as possible. Are you asking me for a bribe? I don't pay money to cockroaches like you!

He flinches a little when you raise your voice, and you know that you've got him on the retreat. You don't want to scare him off entirely, though, so think maybe you should tone it down a little bit. "Okay, okay! No bribe! How about a completely legitimate business venture? I've got my game here. How about you play me for the information! You get to level 7, you win and I spill the beans. You lose, and you need to pay me 1000sP. As many tries as you need. That way you get your information, and I get a bit of bankroll to get me by."

You pretend to consider the offer carefully, but you are secretly thankful. You really didn't want to have to beat up some two-bit criminal that probably has no idea what he is involved in. Once you think you have faked enough consideration, you nod slowly. Alright, that's good. I don't have a problem with us handling this like two business people. You sit down, and let him explain the rules of the game to you.

Bug Guy Joe will challenge you to play 7 rounds of his game before talking. There is nothing else to do in the Root Forest other than this game. If you click on the mattress you will be taken to the game page.

It is a simple bug swatting game. You start by clicking anywhere. Bugs will crawl across the screen, getting faster as you progress through levels. If 5 bugs leave the screen without being swatted then you will lose and have to start over again. There is no limit to how many times you can replay.

There is no real advantage to getting a higher score in this game. You need to get a score of 200 to win the game then simply let bug crawl off and it will automatically take you to Joe, who is defeated.

Bug Guy Joe looks defeated. Clearly, he didn't expect you to actually win the game. "You have better hand-eye coordination than most of my customers," he says, with a hint of loathing. "A deal is a deal. I got the money from Nacho Muerte from Zombie Wrestling Entertainment. He bought a load of spider venom off me."

What do you think he wanted it for?

He shrugs. "It's not really my business. Maybe he's using it for juicing. You know, a performance enhancer? It's pretty potent stuff."

You consider the information. Bug Guy Joe doesn't seem to be lying, and with the way he squirms and sweats, you are sure you would know if he was. Alright. Did he buy anything else? He shakes his head emphatically. "No, just the venom."

You thank him for this time, and decide to take this information back to Skitters.
After the talk with Joe, you can go and tell Skitter what you found out. You will be awarded with an achievement and a Glowy Green Bug Lantern.

As you approach your normal waiting place, you see Skitters already there. He hasn't seen you yet, so you decide to exact a little revenge. You circle around some mausoleums until you are approaching from behind. Careful to keep your footfalls silent, you sneak up behind him and give him a quick shove, shouting "Boo!". He was right - it is funny when you are the one doing the scaring.

He jumps visibly, shrieking, and turns quickly. When he sees that it was you, he wags a finger at you disapprovingly. "YOU RIGHT, NOT FUNNY," he says, "HOW GO?"

You tell him about your conversation with Joe. He smiles as you tell him all about your gangster impersonation, but he begins to frown when you recount the details of Nacho Muerte, and it only deepens further when you tell him about the spider venom. He takes a moment to write a note.

The venom is troubling to me. Joe is right, the venom from these Shadowglen spiders is potent stuff, but I can't imagine it could ever be used as a steroid. If anything, it would have a very weakening effect. I wasn't entirely sure that we were on the right path before, but this has erased any doubts.

Unfortunately, though I am familiar with their work, I do not know the true identity of Nacho Muerte. As luck would have it, though, ZWE is having a match in the coming days. I am sure you could find him there and question him about the venom.

We've made a lot of good progress today, and I can't thank you enough for your help. Get some rest tonight, for soon I fear that we will be pulled deeper into this troubling mystery.

You say your goodbyes for the day, trying not to think of what may await you.

Day 4 - IntermissionEdit

Day 4 starts with the same event notification: another letter from Skitters. If you click on it, it leads to a small scene where you read the letter:

You check your mailbox, and are surprised to find an express letter with a postmark from Shadowglen. Opening the envelope, you immediately recognize Skitters' sloppy handwriting.

Dear {Username here},

I wanted to thank you again for all your help in the last few days. You have really been invaluable; through our efforts, the human and unliving communities may finally be united, or at least hostility may be held off for another year. I suppose we will finally see on rally day.

I hate to impose on you any further, but I was hoping you could do me one more favor. Lately when I have spoken to Fantine, she seems to be a bit sad. I was hoping that you would stop by The Bake Stop and say hello. I am sure that a visit from a friend would help to improve her spirits.

Your friend,

PS: I have included a small token of my appreciation. Please accept it with my deepest and sincerest thanks.

You see that he has included an Organigami. How thoughtful! You decide to visit The Bake Stop and say hello to Fantine. Who knows, maybe you will get a free cupcake out of it!


After reading the letter you can now visit Fantine in the hopes of cheering her up. There you will have the option to talk to Fantine:

The normally busy Bake Stop is oddly abandoned, but after brief inspection, it isn't hard to see why. Fantine's zombification has progressed... nicely, to put it euphemistically. She seems excited when you come in, then recognizes your face and realizes you are not a customer. She sits back down on her stool behind the counter and looks at you glumly.

Hi, Fantine. How's it going? You look a bit down today.

She puts on a half-hearted smile for your benefit. "Oh no, I'm fine. Business has just been slow, lately. I miss seeing all the happy smiles when people enjoyed my baking."

There are many cupcakes in the display cases, untouched, and it isn't hard to see why. They seem, in a word, gross. The Deadcadent Cupcakes especially catch your eye, but you decide to be diplomatic. I notice that you have been trying a lot of new recipes, lately. Maybe they're just... not the right ones.

She nods along with you. "I think you might be right. They taste okay to me, though! Maybe my taste buds have changed a bit. Would you like to try a Deadcadent Eye Cupcake and tell me what you think? It's on the house."

You swallow hard as you look at the chunks of cornea in the cupcakes. Uh, no, that's okay, you say I just had lunch, I'm super full. Couldn't eat another bite.

Fantine bursts into tears and wails "See, I can't even give them away!"

You aren't sure what to do for a moment, but eventually you decide to awkwardly pat her on the back. It's okay, you say soothingly, Seriously, I'm just full. The cupcake looks great!

She brighens up a bit. "Really, I am so glad! I will make you up a box of them to take with you, and maybe you can try one later and let me know what you think?" She doesn't wait for a reply, and happily boxes up a half-dozen Deadcadent Eye Cupcakes for you.

You accept the box with a half-hearted smile. Thanks! I will definitely try one! Anyway, I just wanted to stop in an say hello, but I've got to get going now.

You can Fantine say your goodbyes, and you start heading home, apprehensive about your whole cupcake situation.


You peek into the cupcake box, but your thoughts about them haven't improved at all. You decide to mail them to Skitters - maybe he will appreciate them. Once you have packed the cupcakes securely and put postage on the box, you sit down at your computer and check to see if any of your friends are on BetaChat. According to their away messages, Jaxon and Ian are at the botanical gardens, and you still have Elwood blocked, but you notice that Skitters is online. You decide to message him and tell him what you learned.

Survival skitters chat

When the day is finished you will be awarded with an achievement and given the Suspiciously Normal Zombie Cake.

Day 5Edit

Day 5 starts with another random event telling you to visit Skitters and continue your investigations.

As has become the usual, Skitters is waiting for you when you arrive, sitting casually on a rock. As you approach, he waves, and pulls out a pre-written note for you to read:

Hello, again. Our investigation into the toxin has made some great progress. After speaking with Bug Guy Joe yesterday, we discovered that he sold a quantity of dangerous spider venom to Nacho Muerte, a noted wrestler and entertainer.

While I do not know the real identity of Nacho Muerte, ZWE has planned a match for today, and should still be in the process of setting it up as we speak. Find Nacho Muerte there and question him about the spider venom, and about his involvement in the scheme we are uncovering.

You can't help but mentally question his use of 'we', since you seem to be the one doing all the work, but you head off into the underground all the same.


Now you can go and visit the Skylight Cavern, located in the left hole in the Underground. It is a large cavern with a wrestling ring in it. Clicking on the red curtain will take you to Nacho Muerte where you can now talk to him. If you click on the ring you will see Questionable Green Ooze.

You explore the arena a bit. Everything is perfectly arranged to entertain a big crowd. You check out the stands, read the menu for the concession stand, and climb into the ring to enact some kind of sports movie fantasy. It doesn't last long, as someone quickly comes over and tells you that fans are not allowed in the ring, though they don't say it exactly that politely. As you climb out through the ropes, you notice an odd green smudge on the ground. You check underneath the ring, but there is no equipment that could be leaking fluid. At first, you assume that someone spilled a drink, but then you notice an oily sheen to the liquid. It may be nothing, but you decide to write it down in your journal, anyway.


You enter a cavern that you swear was empty just yesterday, and are surprised to find it set up with a wrestling ring, stands for spectators, and many banners advertising the wrestling match to take place today.

While there are many people doing last minute set up, there is only one that that can logically guess would be the infamous Nacho Muerte. He is huge in comparison to the others around, is dressed in full costume, and is practicing a few last minute techniques on a set of training dummies.

You consider your life choices up until this point, then approach Nacho Muerte.

Hi, are you Nacho Muerte?

He gives you a sidelong look, clearly concentrating on practicing his holds on the training dummies. "Sorry, no autographs until after the match. There will be a table."

Oh no, that's not it, You pause for a second to wonder if his autograph might be worth anything in the auctions, Though I may pick one up later, now that you mention it. I am just looking for some information and hoped that you could help me.

He turns from the dummies and gives you a critical look. With one hand, he gestures to a ZWE information booth that is set up not 100 feet away. He takes a drink from a water bottle plastered with sponsor logos, then settles down to do some cool-down stretching.

Oh, no! Not about the match! It's actually about some spider venom.

He freezes mid-stretch and gives you an aprehensive look. "What about it?"

I heard that you use it for juicing. Does it wo-

He cuts you off, his eyes flashing with anger. "I DO NOT!" Several other people turn to look when he raises his voice. "I work hard for my wins! Why don't you do a round with my training dummies!? You will see how hard I work!"


After angering Nacho you have to fight with his training dummies. They will become default challengers when you finish the talk and click on the provided link by Nacho. Note: if you try to go and talk to Nacho before defeating all of the dummies you will simply get "He was right, this training course is hard! You look over at Nacho Muerte hopefully, but he doesn't look impressed. Time to give it another try."

The Battle OpponentsEdit

Once you have successfully defeated ALL of his dummies you can talk to him again to advance the plot. Once you have beaten them once you will gain access to a new training dummy: El Tigrean.

You decide to give him a few minutes to cool down, but it doesn't seem to work. He still seems pretty angry, and all over an innocent little accusation of cheating. Really! It seems like you are going to have to go up against the training dummies if you want to learn anything new.


You finish the training dummy challenge, panting for breath, but it was worth it; Nacho Muerte looks impressed. It seems that you have finally earned his respect. He passes you a towel and a water bottle.

"Nice work," he says, "But it isn't all about muscle. You need to break a mental sweat, as well. It's time for my brain-teaser course. Let's see what the teamsters have prepared today." He turns you toward a large table with a puzzle laid out on it. It looks like you are going to have to assemble this. Hopefully there isn't a timer or anything.

Nacho then presents you with a jigsaw puzzle to put together. Once completed it will look as below:


NOTE: When you finish the puzzle make sure you click on the "Save Puzzle" button, otherwise it will not be saved and you will have to complete the puzzle again.

"Good work," he says, looking down at the completed puzzle with pride, "you are a tougher competitor than I thought". He takes you by the arm and leads you behind the stands where you can talk in relative private. "Who told you about the venom?" he asks.

I played a game with Bug Guy Joe, and he mentioned that you bought some spider venom from him. He figured you were using it to boost your performance. See, I would think it would make you weaker, but I guess you never know about these kinds of things.

He shakes his head with frustration and rubs his temples through his mask. "That idiot..." he mumbles, then more loudly to you, "No, that's not it at all. I do not 'juice' and do not endorse cheating of any kind. And if I hear you repeating that, I will break you in half. You understand?"

You try to ignore the threat, and instead focus on your mission. Skitters had better be thankful that you are putting yourself in danger of bodily harm. Though, really, now that you think about it, is being broken in half really an issue for the undead? Is that considered a light threat? You figure that you could stop by the doctor and get a lower-half replacement if it came down to it. I understand, you quickly agree. But... What did you need the spider venom for, then?

He glances around under the risers, making sure that you are absolutely alone. There is no one to be seen, but he lowers his voice anyway. "It was for my boss."

You are confused. What would a wrestling promoter want with spider venom, if it isn't useful as a steroid? Maybe to poison the other competator? But wouldn't both performers work for the same company? The ZWE...?

"No," He looks wistful for a moment, or as wistful in someone with a full-face mask can be. "My true love is wrestling, I love the performance, but... It doesn't do much to pay the bills, and I have many adopted children that I support," He notices the incredulous look on your face, and gives you a frown, "If you think only adults were struck by the infections, you are very wrong, and someone must care for all of the plagued orphans. I have a side job doing bodyguard work. That boss wanted spider venom."

This is turing into a mystery wrapped inside an enigma. For what?

"I don't know. She has her own way of doing things, with her own rhyme and reason."


He seems to realize that he has already said too much. "Nevermind that," He says quickly. "I shouldn't be spreading gossip, and neither should you. Get out of here."

He turns to leave, but you catch his arm. This is important. Your boss might be involved in something dangerous. He seems to consider your words. Criminally dangerous, you continue, and that seems to work.

"I need you to do one more thing for me-"

Are you serious!? you interupt.

"Hey, now. I am going to lose my bodyguard job once I spill this information. Do you want the children to go hungry, shivering in rags in the dark because we have no money for firewood or clothes or food? The least you can do it help me promote my work as a wrestler!"

You sigh with relief, Oh, is that it? No problem. Do you have stickers or something for me to pass out?

"Nothing like that. Just find some people on the street here in the undergound and convince them to come see the show. Just five people can make a difference if they tell their friends."

You agree to convince 5 people to come and see the show, and set off into the underground to find some strangers to harass.


Once you agree to help oromote Nacho you will find a zombie human avatars in the Commerce District, Root Forest and Underground. To talk to them simply click on the avatar.

Syd GhoulishZombie (1)Zombie (2)Zombie (3)Zombie (4)

You spring on the first person you see, eager to get this done and out of the way. Perhaps you are just becoming desensitized to seeing the various states of death and decomposition around you, but they look friendly enough.

There will be several options for getting the people to come, any of the options will work though. If you select the wrong answer and the person refuses to see the show you have the option to try again. When you have spoken to all 5 you can continue with the plot.

Finally, you are done! Those 5 seemed pretty enthusiastic, and you are fairly sure they will come to see the show. Nacho Muerte sees you coming and ducks behind the risers again so you can continue your conversation in relative private.

All done! There will be some new faces in the stands tonight!

"Thank you. The more that I think about it, the more I know that I really won't miss my bodyguard job. The money? Yes. The stress? No. I was always being sent on questionable errands."

So... Where can I find your boss?

Again, he looks around to make sure that no one is listening in. "She's the leader of the Z Coalition, the zombie rights group. She is really relusive, but the Z Coalition is set to have a rally right here in this cavern on the 29th. I guarantee you that she will be at the rally."

Nacho Muerte seems nervous, and so you decide that is enough information for the moment. You thank him for his help, wish him good luck with the wrestling match, and decide to take what you have learned back to Skitters.


Skitters is sitting casually on a rock as you approach. He greets you with a crooked smile, but that quickly fades as you begin to tell him what you have learned. His expression gets progressively more grim as you recount the details, and as you finish he scribbles down a note with more fervor than you have ever seen.

Good work, though this is troubling news indeed. The leader of the Z Coalition is a lady named Ecks who is known to me. She has some very radical views about undeath, but surely she couldn't be behind planning some kind of undead plague.

What Nacho Muerte says it correct. She is very reclusive, for she has as many enemies as she does allies. I agree with him that she will most definitely be at the rally. In fact, I am almost certain that she will be a key speaker. It seems like a perfect opportunity to delve deeper into this mystery.

Generally, only those with advanced undeath are welcome at the rallies. I think your infection will have progressed enough by the date of the rally to gain you admittance. I know for certain that I will not be welcome, as Ecks is a very vocal opponent to my ideals.

Thank you for all your hard work. Take the next few days to get some rest and relation. I fear that things can only get worse from this point forward.

You head home for the day, apprehensive, but at the same time oddly excited, about the coming events


This concludes the day. You will be awarded with an achievement and the Nacho Muerte Plushie. As a bonus you will also be given Nacho Muerte as a battle opponent.

Day 6 - IntermissionEdit

The day starts with a random event that takes you to the intermission page where you can read your emails in your home:

You're all settled in for a relaxing break from the investigation. You sit down in front of the computer to waste some time trolling on a forum, and notice that you have a new email. Opening your inbox, you see that it is from Fantine.

From: bakeycakes@sube.ta
Subject: You are the best!

Thanks for coming to pay me a visit the other day. You really helped to brighten my mood a bit! I have some really great news, but I want to tell you in person. Come and see me at The Bake Stop when you have a chance!

Hugs and kisses,

What a nice email! You decide to go and see what the good news is.


You can now go to The Bake Stop and talk to the now zombie Fantine:

Fantine squeels with excitement when you enter the bakery, and bounds out from behind the counter to give you a big hug. You awkwardly pat her back, not really sure how to react, but at least the hug is short-lived.

"I'm so glad you came," she says with a beaming smile, "You remember how I was really upset about no one liking my new stock? Well Skitters mentioned that you sent him the cupcakes that I gave to you."

Er, yeah, you say. You don't really want to admit that you didn't eat any of them yourself, so you decide to try and avoid the issue with grace, I thought he might really like them!

"He did!" she exclaims, her eyes alight with excitement, "And he passed them out to a few of his friends, too. The people up here may not like my new stock, but it is getting super popular down there!"

You literally cannot believe what she is saying. Who the heck would ever want to eat those things? Maybe your tastebuds just haven't zombified enough, or something. Still, you are happy for her, and you say as much Wow, that is great! Congratulations!

She gives you another big hug! "I am thinking of closing up shop up here and trying out business in the underground. I know that I will miss all my friends, but it will be worth it... right?"

You aren't sure what to say. It's a big life descision, and you don't want to be overly critical. You can try it out, you say, It's worth giving a shot if you think you will be happy.

She seems really excited. "Thank you so much for all your help. Now go, enjoy your vacation! I know that my sweetie has been working you really hard."


And with that short conversation, day 6 concludes.

Day 7Edit

The day starts with another event notification telling you to visit Skitters.

As you approach your normal meeting place, Skitters is there, pacing nervously. He doesn't smile when he notices you, or really greet you at all. Instead, he hands you a pre-written note and watches you read it, grim-faced.

I am glad to see that you are back today. After our latest disturbing discovery, I would not have blamed you for backing out. Today, your task is to investigate the Z Coalition rally. Their leader, Ecks, will be there. I sincerely hope that she is not involved in the plot that we are uncovering, but she should be questioned. I am not welcome at the rally, but you will likely go unnoticed.

He gives you an appraising look, then scribbles down another note.

Your infection seems to have progressed nicely. You shouldn't stand out at all. Good luck!


You can now go back to the Skylight Cavern, which was before just an empty cave as Nacho had packed up and gone, is now a rally. In the middle of the stage is Ecks. Clicking on her avatar will take you to the talk:

Following the instructions in the Z Coalition flyer, you make your way to the rally location. It is still in the process of being set up, but there are already banners and propaganda posters hanging. A podium is being set up, while a handful of aides test microphones and adjust speakers.

Sitting in the front row of audience chairs, a lone undead woman sits, looking over a handful of cue cards and making edits in pen where needed. An aide approaches her with a bottle of water, then scurries off. This must be Ecks.

You decide to jump right into it, and approach Ecks without hesitation. Hi, are you Ecks?

She doesn't look up from her cue cards. "The intern coordinator is over near the entrace. Good luck and welcome to the team." While the words are friendly, her tone is completely uninterested.

You can't help but glance in that direction, even though you have no interest in being an intern. The intern coordinator looks worn-out, and you feel bad for him. The interns must be idiots. Oh, no. I am looking for some information, and I wanted to ask you some questions.

Her hand pauses mid-word as she makes a note on one of her cards. If not for that, you wouldn't be sure if she heard you at all. After a moment, she looks up at you, her expression guarded. She looks you over critically for a long, awkward moment, then finally speaks. "You're the one Skitters has been sending on errands?"

Option A: LieEdit

You try to laugh it off, and you can't help but think that your laugh was a bit too loud. He's been sending someone around? Weird. No, I just wanted to know about some... stuff. You mentally kick yourself about your unbelievable eloquence.


Option B: TruthEdit

You laugh awkwardly. "Yeah, that is me. I guess I haven't been very subtle, huh?" What harm could honesty do, right?

She seems surprised by your truthfulness. She sets down he cue cards and gives you her full attention. "What can I do for you, servant-of-Skitters?"

Now that you are really looking at each other, you notice her mechanial arm, and the tube of green liquid fueling it. Green liquid that looks a bit oily to your untrained eye. You remember the note that you made in your journal, and decide to go out on a limb. And I was talking to your bodyguard, Nacho Muerte.


You're uncomfortable with her choice of name, but decide to let it go for now and press on with your questioning. You aren't exactly sure how to bring up the subject, and so you do it as benignly as possible. I was talking to your body guard, Nacho Muerte.

"And you are wondering about the properties and applications of spider venom?" She says without batting an eyelash.

You nod. It has been recently discovered that there is some kind of toxin going around. We think that is has been designed to spread undeath and that you might have something to do with it.

"Yes, that is exactly it," She says plainly. If she is joking, it is hidden very well. "It's working nicely, isn't it?"

Uh, I guess so. So you ARE spreading a poison? Intentionally?

"Yes," She says in a straightfoward manner.

You are dumbfounded. This is too easy. But... why?

You've clearly hit a nerve here. "Why not? Why is a forced infection any more cruel or absurd than a forced cure? Every year the living do their fear-mongering and we have to cower in our caves and crypts, waiting for whatever it is that they have decided to unleash on us. I am sending an important message, and if I have to use slightly extreme means to drive that message home, then so be it. Let them use their cure to cure themselves if they can, and leave us be."

Is that from your speech?

"Do you like it?"


You will now get a chance to side with either Skitter or Ecks. Take a second to think about this choice! This will make an impact on the rest of your choices.

Side with EcksEdit

It's very thought provoking, actually. When I came down here today, I thought you were going to be a nutjob, but you raise some interesting points. Really valid points, actually. You don't, uh, happen to need any help with anything, do you?

She considers you for a moment but decides ultimately that she COULD use your help. She's busy with the rally today, but asks you to come and see her a little while after.

You agree and decide to stay for the rally. Ecks seems to have a large audience of supporters. You can't help but wonder how many Skitters has, and if they will get in the way of your new mission with Ecks.


Once you have chosen to side with Ecks you cannot talk to Skitters again.

Side with SkittersEdit

No, you sound insane. Haven't you ever heard the phrase "two wrongs don't make a right"? I understand that you want to keep the people down here safe, but this is not the right way to go about it.

She frowns, then waves a hand at you dismissively. "Go, then. I have nothing more to say to you. Enjoy pandering to the living with that moron shopkeeper."

With your suspicions horrifyingly confirmed, you decide to hurry back to Skitters and tell him all about what you have learned today. You know that Skitters has many supporters, but you can't help but wonder how many people Ecks will manage to convince to help her cause.


When you have made your choice you go back and talk to Skitters:

When you return to the surface, Skitters is waiting eagerly. "WHAT LEARN?" he asks, and listens with growing horror as you recount the tale of your adventure today. As usual, he writes a note to you to communicate his thoughts.

I can't thank you enough for investigating this for me, and for sticking by my side. It means a lot to know that I have your full support.

I worry that she will convince others to go along with her plan. I know that she can be quite charismatic, and already has a large following of supporters. We maybe up against a monster. Still, monsters have their weaknesses, and I think the key to slaying this monster will be to take off it's head. Figuratively, of course. We need a way to stop Ecks, or at least stop her idiotic poison.

She will be busy with the rally today, but I have no doubt that she will resume work on her scheme soon. I will do a bit of my own research, and hopefully I will have some solid ideas about how to foil her plan. I will be in contact as soon as I find something.

And so ends day 7.

Day 8Edit

This day start with a random event pinging you to go and see your "team leader": this means either Ecks or Skitters depending on which you chose in day 7.

Skitters SideEdit

Note: If you return to Skitters with Splittifish in your inventory, he will take them and count them toward your total!

Skitters seems worried as you approach your normal meeting place. "THANK SHINWA!" he says when he sees you,pulling you into a quick friendly hug. He hurriedly puches a pre-written note into your hand.

Things are getting very bad, my friend. You were not the only person I sent to gather information, and I am ashamed to say that my trust in them was poorly placed. Many of them have defected and are now assisting Ecks with her poison.

You look up from the note, and you swear that Skittera has the shine of tears in his eyes, though it is hard to tell since you haven't seen the undead cry. you look back down to the note.

We do not have a formal system of law in the underground, and we cannot rely on your above-ground systems, either. I can only imagine the problems that would be caused if the SAI showed up to try and police us after the events of last year.

We have no one. Or, rather, we have only each other. We have a tough road ahead of us; we must gather support with one hand, while holding off efforts to make the poison with our other hand.

Luckily, I have a few allies, and one has let me in on some interesting information. out opponents plan to go fishing today, literally. I have been informed that they will be specifically seeking Splittifish, which are known for their medicinal properties. I can only assume that this will aid the poison, somehow. I would like you to make your way to the lake and catch as many Splittifish as you can. The more we catch, the less are left for them.

Go to the underground spring and catch 10 Splittifish. The owner of the spring has some strict rules. Please follow them - we don't need any more enemies. Once you have the Splittifish, bring them back to me. In the meantime, I will work on gathering allies. You set off for the underground spring determined to prove your loyalty to Skitters.


You can now access the Underground Spring where you can fish for Splittifish. Once you have caught 10, return to Skitters and have the following conversation:

You return to Skitters with a string of fish, and he beams happily at you. He takes the string of fish and tosses them into a cooler that he had waiting. You see a few other strings of fish before the top closes, and you are happy to see that there are at least a few more people working with you.



While he is must less eloquent when not writing, you get the point.You turn to leave, but he tugs on the sleeve of your shirt and says, "WAIT, SKITTERS THINK OF SOMETHING. YOU GOOD FISHER, NOW. YOU GO BACK TO SPRING, CATCH ALL THE FISHES, BRING THEM TO SKITTERS? I FIND MORE PRIZE FOR YOU."


You are awarded with two achievements and the Pounding Heart and Octello. Skitters or Ecks now gives you the option of fishing more as the day has now ended.

Day 9Edit

Day 9 starts asa before. You will get an event notification telling you to visit your team leader.

Skitters SideEdit

As you approach Skitters, someone else is just leaving. He waves goodbye to them, and then hello to you. "THAT FRIEND, HE HELP TOO." He than hands you a note, as has become normal.

I have made good progress gathering support. One supporter in particular has proven to be a very useful informant. They tell me that today some of Ecks' supporters are going to be collecting items from all over the world. If these are ingredients for the poison, we need to get our hands on them first!

The first item is Raw Obsidian from the Darkside. I am not one to encourage lawlessness, but make sure that you leave with it before someone working for Ecks does.

I will have more information about other items as the day continues.


You discreetly hand Skitters your chunk of Raw Obsidian, and he doesn't ask where or by what means you got it. He slips you a note, the contents of which is very to-the-point,

Volcanic Ash, Deaths Cap. Sacred Lands.

You nod quickly and set off on your new mission.


When you return with the Volcanic Ash and Deaths Cap, they are sorted into two separate boxes that are about half full. You can't help but wonder if some of the people you have been competing with are other Skitters supporters, but as long as one of you got it, it doesn't matter. Skitters hands you another note which is as short and straight-forward as the last.

Arctic Frost. Radioactive Snowball and Fleece Zebra Throw.

You do a double take at the Fleece Zebra Throw. You give Skitters a questioning look, and he seem to know exactly what you mean. He gives you a shrug and says, with a bemused expression, "NOT KNOW."

The two of you share a laugh. "Since I am going to the Arctic Frost anyway, do you want me to bring you a snow cone or something?" you ask.



Skitters takes the Radioactive Snowball and Fleece Zebra Throw from your carefully, clearly not sure which is more dangerous, and puts them in a box with a locking lid. He absently nods to a note held down by a rock as he tried to close the lock with this one arm.

My source says the next trip is to Atebus. You will need to find a Pink Lemon, Bottled Moon Sand, a Purple Celestial Flask, and a Dream Gem. I know that Dream Gems come from the Coda Caves, but dig carefully.


You return with the Atebus items piled awkwardly in your arms. Skitters helps you to unburden yourself, and the two of you sort the pieces into different boxes. You are pleased that you managed to bring back a dream gem, as that box in particular looks pretty bare. Once you are done sorting, Skitters hands you a note.

Another day of hard work come and gone, but I can't help but feel like we are spinning our wheels. So far, we have been on the defensive, just trying to prevent the other side from gaining too much ground. I have upcoming plans that will require your most nefarious streak, though.

Take this Dying Leaf as a reward for all your hard work. I don't know what I would do without you.


You must get the following items, in this order:

Once you have completed this step it is the end of the day. You will get an achievement for completing this step, the Dying Leaf and the Serious Shoppers Tied-Back Ponytail.

Day 10Edit

Day 10 starts with another event notification from your team leader:

Skitters' SideEdit

There are a group of people hanging around as you approach Skitters. He passes out notes to each of them in turn, but his smile brightens when he sees you. "HELLO, GOO' FRIEND," he says happily before passing you a note of your own.

"Welcome back! We have made a lot of good progress, but the fight is not over yet. If we hope to stop the threat of this poison, we are going to need powerful allies.

Did you know that before they were driven to worship the Sea Witch Merana, the islanders were devotees of the god of decay? His manchu idols are still found all over the island, and I am sure that you can think of at least one islander that still holds the manchu with special reverence.

Go and play a round of Matlal's Jewels with the island witchdoctor, and see if you can earn his support to our cause."


After reading the letter, go and play a round of Matlal's Jewels. When you go there it will mention that you must get a score over 8000 in order for you to win favour with Matlal.

Once you have done that you must refresh the page to talk with Matlal:

After the game, you approach the witchdoctor warily, his manchu staring at you unsettlingly with one milky eye. You try to ignore the manchu, or The Baron, as Matlal calls him, and focus on your task at hand. "Uhm, excuse me?"

"GO AWAY, MATLAL NOT WANT TO BE FRIENDS," He says plainly. He turns away from you and starts setting up ingredients for his next game. You decide to try again.

"Oh, no. I don't want to be friends-"


"Thanks, but my gourds are fine-"

"THEN YOU GO NOW, MATLAL VERY BUSY. BARON VERY BUSY. BOTH IS VERY BUSY, NO TIME FOR TALKING." You can't help but think that he is doing a lot of talking for someone that has no time for talking. "YEYEI'I AO VIVI NATATL. THAT MEAN "LIVE LIFE OF SEA". GO WITH PEACE, MATLAL VERY GENEROUS."

You decide to point out his choice of wording gently. "But, you don't "live the life of the sea", do you? I can't help but notice your manchu and the skulls and shrunken heads.."

That gives him pause for a moment, and he gives you a critical look. The Baron wanders over and climbs Matlal, eventually settling down on his shoulder. "WHAT YOU WANT?"

"There is a lot of trouble in Shadowglen. A bad person is trying to release a poison that will turn everyone into zombies."


He pulls the skull mask of his headdress down and turns back to arranging his ingredients. When you try to catch his attention again, The Baron screeches and hisses at you, and you can see that the conversation is officially over and you should head back to Skitters.


Having unsuccessfully recruited Matlal to your side you go and talk to Skitters again:

Skitters listens patiently to your tale, and nods with sympathy before jotting down a note and handing it to you.

"The witchdoctor was a long shot, I have to admit. Thank you for trying, my friend. Don't worry, though - We are not lost. I have a few more people in mind that will make powerful allies. I would like you to visit Quentin, Nori and the Old Wizard. Do their quests, get familiar with them, and then see if you can win us some support.

Quentin should be an easy sell - they know about the unrest in the area already, and would never support Ecks' extremism.

Nori is more strategic. No doubt, you are familiar with her curse - she is Nori during the day, and Mori at night. I have reason to believe that her alter-ego, Mori, will be supporting Ecks. We need Nori to fight her curse tonight and every night until we can bring Ecks and her people down.

The Old Wizard, well, we need a magical item from him. It's a medallion of warding. I want to see if I can manage to use it to protect the people from the poison if we should fail."

As you finish the note, you and Skitters share a sad smile. "THANK YOU FOR HELP, FRIEND," he says before you set off on the next step.


To get the help from each person you must go and complete one of their quests. When you have completed one quest they will talk to you.

Quentin's HelpEdit

Quentin smiles as you approach them, but their smile quickly fades as you explain the situation. "Wow," they say, "I knew that there had been some unrest lately, but I had no idea that things were getting so bad down there." They give you a comforting pat on the back.

"Tell Skitters that, of course, I will support him. I will try to spread the word about this, too. I'm sure Jaxon and Ian would be especially interested in hearing. Maybe Ian can even help with a cure, if it comes down to that!"

You thank Quentin for their help, and continue on your quest.

Nori's HelpEdit

Nori listens as you tell her about what Skitters had to say. She seems horrified, "Mori has been making deals? Thank Shinwa you told me - I have very limited memory of what she gets up to at night, and I would hate to think she is dragging me into something so terrible.

I will try to resist the change, but I honestly don't know how much I can do. We've been doing this for years, after all. Maybe I can handcuff myself to the radiator and hide the key before nightfall? If I don't remember what she does at night, she probably doesn't remember what I do during the day..."

You decide to leave Nori to her pondering and and move on with your quest.

The Old Wizard's HelpEdit

The Old Wizard waves you over with a soft smile, "I get the feeling you would like to talk to me about something," he says quietly. You take a moment to tell him about Skitters, and how they need his help.

The Wizard nods sympathetically, "I'm not sure that it is right for me to use my powers to interfere in matters like these, but I can at least provide you with the medallion you ask for. Please, don't think less of me. It's only... When you have lived a long time and learned a great deal of things, you begin to understand that there are matters of destiny with which you cannot interfere."

He shuffles over to a cluttered cupboard, his kumos Luna following at his heels, and returns with a faintly glowing medallion. He presses it into your hand. "Say hello to Skitters from me."

You thank him, and move on with your quest...


Once you have spoken with the old wizard, he will give you the Medallion of Warding. When you have recruited all three to your side you can talk to Skitters again:

You return to Skitters, proudly brandishing the medallion of warding, and he beams with pride in return. You tell him about your conversations with Quentin, Nori, and the Wizard. When you are done, he hastily scribbles a note to you.

"That was fast! I am so glad that I can rely on my friends in tough times. Hopefully, Nori will be able to get Mori under control, and I am sure Quentin can win us some invaluable allies.

Get some rest. I have sent you all over the place today, and you have definitely earned it. I know that I will continue to need your help in the coming days."

You will then be awarded with an achievement and a pair of Undead Chattering Teeth.

Day 11Edit

Once again you will get pinged to your team leader:

Skitters' SideEdit

Skitters is bristling with excitement when you meet him that day. He shoves a note into your hands with almost-giddiness.

Exciting news! I have managed to get someone on the inside of Ecks' organization. Better yet, I have managed to get them into a position where they are working with her poison machine directly, as a brewmaster.

There are so many new people working with the machine that they will never notice one more. I would like you to infiltrate the group, and work on the poisons. Our friend, the brewmaster, will be causing the machine to give intentionally incorrect instructions. I want you to work on the other side of the machine, fulfilling the orders.

Come back to me after you have successfully completed 10 brews. That should be enough to mess things up for a while.


You can now access the Potion Brewing machine. To start one of the quests click on the provided link. It will then tell you exactly what items are needed to ruin the potion. Like the other quests there will be a time limite for each item that you need. When you have thrown in all the necessary ingredients you will have to wait until you can start the next quest.

When you have completed 10 of these quests return to Skitters:

You return to Skitters, and he seems pleased when you tell him that everything went according to plan. He writes a note hastily and passes it to you.

I am glad that everything went well. I must admit, however, that it seems oddly easy to have people infiltrate their organization. I thought Ecks was smarter than that. Perhaps they just weren't expecting us to be so well organized, or perhaps we are walking into a trap. We will need to be especially cautious going forward.

I am pleased to say that we have have gathered enough support to our cause to confront Ecks. I want you at my side when we do it - I couldn't have done this without you, and I am thankful for everything that you have done for me.

I will contact you soon when we are ready to strike.

You will then be awarded with an achievement and the Stone Skull Totem.

Day 12Edit

Skitters' SideEdit

You meet Skitters at the usual place, and are surprised to see a crowd of people waiting with him. "What's going on?" you ask him, and he hands you pre-written note.
Welcome back, my friend. It has been a long, strange journey, but it is finally time for us to confront Ecks and her supporters. They are currently in the underground, and will not be expecting us, so we will have the element of surprise.
You have been a good friend to me, and I cannot ever convey what your continued support has meant for me and all the people I represent. Let us hope that we can finally put this horrible chain of events behind us and resolve things, once and for all.
You let Skitters know that you will have his back no matter what happens. That done, you head down into the underground with Skitters and the rest of the group.


Ecks and her followers are right where you expected to find them. You are surprised to see a few familiar faces in her supporters, the least of which is Nacho Muerte. Wasn't he going to be fired? Their group looks dumbly at yours for a moment, nobody speaking. You decide to break the silence, "Ecks, we are here to put you into custody for manufacturing and distributing an intentional infection!"

"Me?" She replies, looking surprised, "Oh no, I think you are terribly confused! Like you, we have been working toward finding the culprit responsible for this terrible act." she gestures to her supporters, who nod.

You can barely hold back your anger! What a liar! When you speak again, your voice betrays your emotions, "I heard you say that you were the one that created the poison! I heard it from your own mouth! You were proud of it!"

Ecks looks almost as angry at you when she responds, "I never said that. For Shinwa's sake, I'm not a psychopath!". She puts an odd sort of emphasis on psychopath, and you realize that you used that word in the journal that Skitters gave to you. Has she been reading your journal? How did she even get her hands on it? You realize, with rage, that there might be more spies in the underground than you knew.

While you formulate your reply, she continues. "My friends here have been assisting me in our own investigation, and they can tell you that I have never made a poison with my own hands, or instructed any of them to make poison," she looks at one of her followers specifically.

"Yes," they say, "We've all been desperately trying to stop the infection from spreading. We haven't found any leads so far." She puts a hand on their shoulder, while the rest of her group nods in agreement.

You look over at Skitters. At first glance, he would seem oddly expressionless, but having spent more some time with him over the last few weeks, you can see a mixture of many things. Chief among what you see is irritation, mistrust, and confusion. He obviously isn't buying the story, but is saying nothing. You decide to follow his lead.
"Good people can be driven to do terrible things," She continues, "I do not know why someone would take things to such an extreme. Our dear friend Eugenio - I believe you know him as Nacho Muerte - can confirm the story. He would never lie about such a thing. We all know he wouldn't want to be a bad example for all of his children." You can't help but get the impression that she is threatening him.

Nacho Muerte sighs and looks defeated, "It is true. We have been conducting our own investigation. No leads."

With that said, Ecks walks over to Skitters and places a hand on his arm. Her metal hand, you can't help but notice. Skitters tenses under her touch, but he does not pull away. "Someone is clearly trying to put a wedge between our people by spreading these lies, my friend," she says without wavering for an instant, "You and I are like two sides of the same coin - we may never see eye to eye, but we're useless unless we work together."

You are unable to hold your tongue any longer. "You are a liar. I worked with your poison machine myself!"
Ecks laughs in an unpleasant way, "Poison machine? Do you mean the brewing machine? You're terribly confused. That is a gift for Bubbles, to make creating his signature drinks in The Lost Skeleton much easier on him. He only has one arm, you see," She give you a critical look, "I don't believe you were invited to the testing, but... thank you, I suppose."

"SORRY FOR MISUNDERSTANDING," Skitters says to Ecks, interrupting you. He places a hand on your shoulder and gives it a quick squeeze, and you understand that he wants to you back down for the moment, though you do not know why. You try to catch his eye, but he ignores you and continues speaking to Ecks, "WE TALK LATER, PRIVATELY. SORRY FOR TROUBLE, AGAIN."

He gives Ecks a quick bow of his head and turns to leave, forcibly turning you with him. You make the walk back to the Zombie Den in silence, but when you reach the outside of his shop, he stops, waiting to answer your questions.

"What just happened?" you ask.


Skitters looks glumly at you, then fetches a piece of paper. He writes for some time, his expression flashing between sadness, anger, irritation, and fear as he moves from section to section. When he is done, he gives you a pat on the back and hands you the letter.

My friend, I believe we have the losers in a very sadistic game. The people of the underground are already divided, and we just publicly accused the leader of one of these factions of making a mass infection. I don't blame you at all, but this paints me in a poor light, and puts me in a very difficult position.

She suggested that we unite our peoples, in front of everyone. If I accept, I must allow her to have her say in how things are run. If I refuse, I drive our peoples further apart, solidifying her control over her faction. No matter what I decide to do, I lose.

I suspect that we may have been pawns in this game from the beginning, and I have begun to consider the possibility that there was never any plan to distribute a mass infection. At least not at this time.

I will have to consider my options carefully, but I cannot deny that you have been a good friend, ally, and companion. I will make sure that you are greatly rewarded for all your help in this matter, even if it didn't ultimately turn out how we expected. Go home and catch up on the sleep you have been missing. I will have your rewards delivered there.

You give Skitters a quick, friendly hug, tell him that he will always have your support, and set off home.

Ecks' SideEdit

You meet Ecks at the usual place, and you are surprised to see dozens of people waiting with her. More surprising still, Nacho Muerte is there, sitting sullenly. "What's going on?" you ask him, but he avoids meeting your eyes and does not answer.

"Don't talk to him," Ecks says authoritatively. When you look at her, she gives you a quick smile, "Do you remember what I said yesterday?" You repeat back her words from the day before - no matter what, agree with what she says - and nod. She gives you another quick smirk before her Purple Tangerine Smartphone interrupts you with trill, and she glances at the screen for a moment before looking at you, something very dark in her expression.

"Showtime," she says.

A moment later, a horde of unliving burst into the cave. You do not recognize most of them, but it would be impossible not to recognize Skitters. He says nothing, but one of his supporters steps forward, "Ecks, we are here to put you into custody for manufacturing and distributing an intentional infection!"


Ecks looks suitably surprised, "Me? Oh no, I think you are terribly confused! Like you, we have been working toward finding the culprit responsible for this terrible act." she gestures to her supporters, who nod.

Skitters' supporter balks, their face full of thinly suppressed rage. "I heard you say that you were the one that created the poison! I heard it from your own mouth! You were proud of it!"

Ecks puts on a great performance, looking very offended and angry. If you didn't know better, you would believe the show, "I never said that. For Shinwa's sake, I'm not a psychopath!" the way she says psychopath, seems odd to you, as if she is putting a lot of emphasis on it. Skitters' supporter seems to notice the emphasis, too, and they bristle with renewed anger, but say nothing.

Ecks continues, "My friends here have been assisting me in our own investigation, and they can tell you that I have never made a poison with my own hands, or instructed any of them to do so," she looks are you sharply, her eyes urging you to respond.

You remember what she said the day before. No matter what she says, agree. "Yes," you say, trying to look appropriately sincere and concerned, "We've all been desperately trying to stop the infection from spreading. We haven't found any leads so far," A few of her supporters murmur their agreement behind you.

Ecks rests a hand on your shoulder, "See, you hear it straight from someone else. Do you mean to call us both liars? To call us all liars?" she gestures to the crowd around her, who nod emphatically.

Her eyes well with tears, enhancing the show greatly, "Good people can be driven to do terrible things. I do not know why someone would take things to such an extreme. Our dear friend Eugenio - I believe you know him as Nacho Muerte - can confirm the story. He would never lie about such a thing. We all know he wouldn't want to be a bad example for all of his children," As her speech goes on, she begins to look directly at Nacho Muerte, as if driving home a point.

Nacho Muerte sighs and looks defeated, "It is true. We have been conducting our own investigation. No leads."

With that said, Ecks walks over to Skitters and places a hand reassuringly on his arm, her face the very picture of sincerity. You see him tense under her touch, but he does not pull away. "Someone is clearly trying to put a wedge between our people by spreading these lies, my friend," she says without wavering for an instant, "You and I are like two sides of the same coin - we may never see eye to eye, but we're useless unless we work together."

Skitters' expression is inscrutable, and he says nothing. One of his supporters answers, instead. "You are a liar," they say, "I worked with your poison machine myself!"

Ecks laughs in an unpleasant way, "Poison machine? Do you mean the brewing machine? You're terribly confused. That is a gift for Bubbles, to make creating his signature drinks in The Lost Skeleton much easier on him. He only has one arm, you see," She give Skitters' supporter a critical look, "I don't believe you were invited to the testing, but... thank you, I suppose."

Before his supporter can interrupt again, Skitters puts a hand on their shoulder to silence them. "SORRY FOR MISUNDERSTANDING," he says brusquely (and insincerely, you can't help but think). He looks directly at Ecks "WE TALK LATER, PRIVATELY. SORRY FOR TROUBLE, AGAIN."

Skitters and his supporters turn to leave. Once they are all gone, you look at Ecks with puzzlement. "What was that about?"


Ecks laughs, and pulls you specifically aside, leaving the rest of the group to their own amusements. "I know that you aren't intimately familiar with our politics down here, given that you choose to live above ground. However, you have just assisted me in putting Skitters in a very difficult position.

"I publicly offered him peace and unity between our people. He can now either accept my offer and we can rule together, or he can scorn me, driving a deeper wedge between the two factions. Either way, I solidify my hold on things down here. No matter what decision he makes, I win."

You quirk an eyebrow, "But, the poison?"

She gives you a sympathetic look. "There was no poison. Or more accurately, there was only one small sample of a poison, but it was the catalyst for a revolution, which spreads faster and is much more dangerous. You and the others were making nothing."

You consider what she is saying, realizing that you have been used the whole time. She seems to read your expression, "You were a wonderful tool, if that helps to take the sting out of it. I will make sure that you are well rewarded for your service. Now go home, and speak of this to no one."

Prizes and AchievementsEdit

You can find the Prizes for this event here - The Shadowglen Underground - Prizes and Achievements

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