The Swampie is a mythical beast like pet.


The Swampie (swamp-EE) is a green lake monster. It has green, fleshy spikes coming from its head and back. It has golden eyes with a green fringed eyebrow. It has a pair of front flippers that are dotted with light green. It has a long eel-like tail.

Did You Know?Edit

  • The Swampie is one of the more common zaps from the Pet Zapper Version 2.
  • Swampies live in the freshwater lakes and are very playful creatures.
  • Swampies are quite large and can be up to 15 feet (5m) from head to tail base, with their tails a further 13-15 feet (4-5m)
  • They weigh around 1300 lbs (590 kg).
  • A group of Swampies is called an annoyance, coined by fishermen who often get harassed by them.
  • The spines on their backs are made of keratin, and you can often tell the mood of a Swampie by seeing the position of the head spines.

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