The Sheeta is a goat like pet.


The Sheeta (SHEE-tah) is a white goat. It has large horns that curl backwards. There are "U" shaped black marks peppering its legs. It has black pawed feet and a black strip on its ears. It has a puff of white fur at the end of its tail and a thick ruff around its neck.

Did You Know?Edit

  • The Sheeta is a limited pet.
  • It's been said that the Sheeta is a combination of "Sheep" and "Cheetah".
  • The markings on a Sheeta are all unique like fingerprints.
  • It is a native of the Sacred Lands.
  • Sheetas are small and sturdy, standing just around 3 1/2-4 ft (1-1.2m) and weighing 175-250lbs (79-113kg).
  • A group of sheetas is known as a twilight.

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