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The Rreign is a dragon like pet.


The Rreign is a green dragon with a yellow underbelly. It has red spines along its back, wings and down its head like a mohawk. It has yellow leathery wings and two green antennae.

It is available in 26 colors, including Steamwork, Reborn and Glacier.

Did You Know?Edit

  • The Rreign was previously called Dragon before its revamp.
  • Popular Rreigns include Asmodeus's pet Curie, the god Nukum, and the Red Rreign Spirit of Fireside.
  • When it was still known as Dragon, it lacked wings and had whiskers. The current design is the reverse--winged and whisker-less.
  • The revamp was met with extremely fierce negativity, but has since remained a popular pet despite the changes made to it.
  • The Rreign has a slightly gentler disposition compared to their cousin, the Paralix. Caution is advised when approaching a wild Rreign.
  • During the Fireside of 2014, many Rreign items (such as Fussy Rreign Figuirines, Bewildered Rreign Plushies, etc.) were based off the dragon designs from How to Train Your Dragon and its sequel, How to Train Your Dragon 2.

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