The Restock War is an event that randomly occurs when the Subeta staff feel like there needs to be more items released into the system. During a restock war you gain points for your team by restocking items of the rarity 45 or above. The winning team is often given access to a special prize store for the teams.

Keith Vs. CydeEdit

Profiles war cydewinderProfiles war keith

This was the first restock war that occurred on Subeta. It was between the staff, specifically Keith and Cyde.

Shinwa Vs. MaleriaEdit

This restock war was the only one without a trophy. This was was between the two goddesses Shinwa and Maleria. The prizes featured a number of items relating to the characters.

Blackmoon Vs. PhoenixEdit

Rswar blackmoonRswar phoenix

This was a war between Calvin Blackmoon and Sebastian Phoenix. Similar to the goddess restock war, the prizes were items that related to the characters.

Islanders Vs. PiratesEdit

Trophy pirateTrophy islander

This restock war occurred during the Omen Islands Plot and was between the Pirates and Islanders. Upon the victory of the pirates, the prize shops opened up.

Nico Vs. ManwarEdit


This restock war was part of the EPICon where Nico and Manwar for into an argument. Upon Manwar winning the war, the EPICon shop was available for prizes, with the winning team being allowed into the VIP Lounge.

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