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Dirty Matty

How nice t' see ye in me fine establishment. At th' Rathskeller Inn we strive t' lighten yer load, so t' speak. Jus' pass me yer effects 'n we'll 'ave them stored away whilst ye sleep... or whilst ye do whatever else ye choose t' do in th' privacy o' yer owns cabin wit' th' local wenches. Don't act so surprised. Babette, she knows! If ye be hungry, take ye a seat an' I'll bring ye some grog an' grub forthwith. Lots o' mouths t' feed what with ye mainlanders to keep us company now! We can hardly keep anythin' in stock.

Rathskeller Inn is located in Port Plunder and is run by Dirty Matty. The Rathskeller Inn sells food such as alcohol, pirate cupcakes and pirate dishes.

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The Rathskeller Inn also doubles as a place where you can rent a room for your pet. The rooms cost 250 sP per day per pet. The most days you can stay is 31 days.

Arr, ye're goin' fer a cabin then, poppet? Aye, ye do look like th' type. Well, jus' let ole Babette know who be stayin' here 'n how long fer 'n I can send some o' me lasses t' get th' cabin swabed up fer ye! We've had a lot o' honeymooners here recently 'n well, they wrestle more than th' louts in me bar!

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