Rarity refers to how rare it is to find the item in a shop and is an approximate measure of how much it will cost in that shop. A high rarity does NOT guarantee that the item will be good to sell. R99 items are given out by several game mechanisms so they are significantly less rare than r98s.  

Items with rarity numbers higher than 99 do not currently restock in normal shops.  It is possible that they never will again any time soon, are seasonal, or are part of some special event.  Nothing in Subeta retires forever. Some events are one time deals, but others are seasonal and will show up next year.   Some special event prizes, cash shop items, and donation item/prizes will show up in limited numbers in: Crystal Shop, Blackheart Hollow, Token Shop, Millionaire Center, or Cash Shop Hustler.  This is done by hand at Subeta's discretion.  Usually there'll be a News Announcement when this happens, but if you've got your heart set and can't afford something now, keep your eyes peeled.

1 to 20 - Really Common
21 to 30 - Mundane
31 to 50 - Common
51 to 65 - Normal
66 to 85 - Rare
86 to 99 - Super Rare
101 - Retired
102 - sP Voucher
105 - Artifact
110 - Donation Item
150 - Special
155 - Plot items
160 - Game prizes
165 - Genetech Lab combinations
175 - Holiday/Event clickables and items
195 - Free Gifts
200 - Custom Clothing

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