Potion refers to items that can change only the color of your pet. They are very rare items and worth a lot of sP. There are currently 26 different potions that can turn your pet into a specific color. It is possible to win a potion from the Potion Lottery.

For a list of colors resulting from potions see Colors.


Potion angelic Potion aqua Potion arid Potion blacklight Potion bloodred Potion cherry Potion chibi Potion cream Potion darkmatter Potion dawn Potion dusk Potion field Potion glacier Potion glade Potion gold Potion graveyard Potion harvestpitcher Potion lilac Potion marsh Potion nightmare Potion nuclear Potion reborn Potion of purity Potion silver Potion spectrum Potion storm Potion sun Potion sweetheart Potion twilight Potion vibrant

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