The Popoko is a squirrel-like pet.


The Popoko (POE-poe-koe) is a brown squirrel. It has a single dark brown stripe down its large, fluffy tail. It has a pair of purple curled horns and large purple eyes. It has a purple collar with a pink bead on it around its neck.

Did You Know?Edit

  • The Popoko is the only pet that did not originate from Subeta, but came from Atebus.
  • Popoko are small, about 5-6 pounds (2.2-2.7 kg), and they are quick
  • A group of popokos is called a frenzy
  • Popokos do not mate for life, but rather just by chance, and a litter contains anywhere from 4-8 blind, hairless, and deaf tiny kittens, called popolings.

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