Poster peka-boo

Peka-Boo Poster

Peka-Boo is a music festival that was introduced on July 4, 2014 and will begin July 17.

It was brought to life by Veta Lake's ambassador Rosemary Kelly and will take place in the Peka Park, a place neighboring the Peka Glade.


People need to buy regular tickets (from the Token Shop) or VIP tickets (from the Cash Shop) in order to take part in the activities.

VIP LoungeEdit

Users who wear the Peka-Boo VIP Ticket on their Human Avatar will be able to access a special area. Visiting the area every day during the festival (beginning on July 17th) will grant a (yet unknown) prize.


Custom Wearable Contest — Users design and draw a wearable suitable for the festival theme. The first place will be made into an official item. Lindsay is the NPC in charge of this activity. Users can vote for up to 5 entries.

Battle of the Bands — Users form a band of up to 6 members. They decide on a name, a music genre and dress their avatars to impress the jury. The NPC Johannes is in charge of this activity.

Food Trucks — Six different food trucks are scattered about the festival grounds, selling their goods. Each of them has a special item up for sale for VIPs. Some (if not all) of the trucks give you a free drink if you meet the conditions:

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