The Paralix is a dragon like pet.


The Paralix is a red Chinese-style dragon with a white underbelly. It has long, thin curled whiskers and long white horns. It has a long golden mane as well as fur along its elbows and knees.

It is available in 26 colors, including Glacier, Angelic and Chibi.

Did You Know?Edit

  • One popular Paralix is the spectrum pet Sterling.
  • Although one may expect it to be calm and gentle due to the Eastern dragons it is based off of, the Paralix is described as being fierce and fiery.
  • Taming a Paralix is no easy task, due to their intimidating nature, along with their preference to remain out of sight from the eyes of locals and humans, either by flying high above the clouds or resting in inaccesible mountaincaves.

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