The Ontra is an otter like pet.


The Ontra is a tan colored otter with dark brown spots around its mermaid tail, shoulders and thighs.It had dark brown feet and front paws and a black nose.

It is available in 26 colors, including Spectrum, Angelic and Glacier.

Did You Know?Edit

  • The Ontra was previously called Otter before its revamp.
  • Ontras have a baby version in minion form called the Otrin.
  • Alexander the Librarian, Selina the Healer, and Bob the Fishing Ontra are three of the most popular figures of the species.
  • An Ontra is happiest in the water, though it is also content on land.
  • Ontras can be found primarily in Riverside Valley, though they have been spotted by locals residing in the Lake District (Veta Lake).

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