The Mortiking is a dinosaur like pet.


The Mortiking is a blue Tyrannosaurus Rex with a white belly featuring a red diamond. It has dark blue stripes on its legs and thick black bands around it smaller arms. It has a black fin spike running down its back. It has a gold horn on its nose and several down its arms.

It is available in 22 colors, including Reborn, Bloodred and Glacier.

Did You Know?Edit

  • Crunching numbers comes almost as naturally to a Mortiking as crunching bones!
  • Mortikings are seen as intimidating and provoking one is quite dangerous.
  • The Mortiking most likely originates from Darkside, as one can be seen near Blackheart Hollow on Darkside's map.
  • Morty King, the NPC that is most known for managing the bank and the vaults, appears to be a Mortiking.

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