The Montre is a fox like pet.


The Montre (MAWN-trah) is a brown fox with a cream underbelly. It has black feathered wings coming from its back and a tail that ends in a black fur puff. It has a silver tail collar with two feathers hanging off it. It has twin black bands around its legs, ears and tail and has black striped down its eyes.

Did You Know?Edit

  • The NPC Nathaniel is dressed like a Montre.
  • Montres were thought to be carnivorous, but they actually eat berries.
  • They stand slightly above knee-height and weigh from 30-40 lbs (13.6-18.1 kgs)
  • Their wings are purely ornamental and there is no recorded evidence of them flying.
  • Louis L'amour is one of the most popular of the Montre species.

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