Merana is a sea witch located on the Omen Islands in Subeta. She runs her own quest, which is the only way to obtain a hydrus colored pet.

Merana was once a beautiful woman but she practiced black magic, and was naturally vain and jealous. She was soon banished to the Omen Islands by Shinwa to keep her from harming people. When Merana tried to retaliate and attacked the goddess with her strongest magic, it was reflected back at her and her form was changed to the serpentine version she now has.

Before Shinwa left Merana she told her of the Guardian Beast that lived on the top of the mountain and, she placed a barrier around the Islands so that Merana could never stray too far from the coastal waters. Merana found a lone telenine she named Daemon on one of the smaller islands and turned it into her slave as her first act of revenge.

She has made herself out to be a Goddess of the Sea to the native Islanders who now worship her and sacrifice one person to her yearly. During the Omen Islands Plot it was revealed that she chose Amy as her sacrifice due to her similarity to Shinwa. It is reported that Merana may be collecting innocent, pure souls so that she can break the bonds Shinwa placed on her.

At the end of the Bad Omen plot (September 2016), the spell that imprisoned Merana in the Omen Islands was broken and since then, she is able to roam free around the Subetan seas and oceans. After disappearing for some months, Merana now randomly reappears on a spot of the Subetan map for 12 hours before disappearing again.

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