The Malticorn is a mythical beast like pet.


The Malticorn is a blue unicorn-dog like animal with fluffy, droopy ears and a puff of dark blue fur on top of its head. It has a single golden horn on its head and golden eyes. It has a long, curled tail and dark blue spots on its hind. It has golden hooves covered with long fur.

It is available in 28 colors, including Reborn, Glade and Steamwork.

Did You Know?Edit

  • Malticorns do not like getting their hooves dirty.
  • 'Malticorn' is a combination of Maltese, a breed of dog in real life, and unicorn, a mythical horned horse.
  • Malticorns can bark like a dog.
  • Meli of the Scratchcard Stand is an arid Malticorn.

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