The Mahar is a dragon like pet.


The Mahar is a brown Eastern-styled dragon with large green jewels embedded throughout its body. Its underbelly is an armoured plate of green jewels and it has a single gold hoop it its ear. It is said that this earring is actually the source of Mahar's powers. It has curled black horns with green jewel decorations on it head and gold eyes. It has long whiskers on its face and a long tail with two pronged horns at the tip.

It is available in 19 colors, including Graveyard, Glacier and Darkmatter.

Did You Know?Edit

  • The Mahar was previously called Sage.
  • The earrings of a Mahar are not simply for show but are actually their source of power.
  • Like many dragons of lore, Mahars are hoarders of various items that they deem to be "treasure."
  • Mahars are cave-dwellers, and will guard their treasure even while sleeping.

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