The Kanis is a rabbit like pet.


The Kanis (KAY-nis) is a blue rabbit. It has a cream underbelly and paws but a dark blue ruff. It has a dark blue stripe on each leg and at the tips of its ears.

Did You Know?Edit

  • The Kanis was previously called Canis before its revamp
  • Melman the Computer Geek and Chase the Explorer are both Kanises
  • Kanises have one of the largest spacial distribution in Subeta; the species can be found in a range extending from as far northwest as Peka Glade; as far east as Riverside; and to the southern coastline of Veta Lake
  • They can weigh from 10-15 pounds (4.5-6.8 kg)
  • Females give birth to 3 to 12 babies, which are called kittens, which grow very quickly and can live on their own at just 5-6 weeks

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