Islanders Songaa, Kohia, Temictzin, Kahaleitzli, Matlal

Islanders or Native Subetans are the native peoples that come from Omen Islands.

They are humanoid in appearance with dark hair, tan skin, blue-green eyes, and compact figures. Most islanders resemble human immigrants more than they do indigenous Subetans of other continents. The Islanders also have face and body tattooing which is currently still a mystery.

They have strict social hierarchies which follow family lineage. They respect their elders and warriors but the high priest, Kahaleitzli, is the most respected and everyone adheres to his rule. They all worship the goddess Merana who comes to them every year for a female sacrifice.

The Islanders have their own language but the only words revealed so far are: "Yeyei'i ao vivi natatl" which translates as "live the life of the sea".

They are enemies with the Pirates.

List of IslandersEdit

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