The Irion is a griffin pet.


The Irion (EER-ee-on) is a brown griffin. It has three large feather tails that are dark brown tipped with tan. It has circles tattooing its back and it has large feather wings. It has cat paws as hind legs and talons for front ones that are golden in color. It has a pair of green feathers hanging from one ear and a golden beak.

Did You Know?Edit

  • The Irion was previously called Aerie before its revamp.
  • Irions love emeralds.
  • They are very large creatures, standing at 60 inches (152 cm) at the shoulders. They weigh only 300 pounds (136 kg) though.
  • The Irion can fly for days at a time before needing to land, where it is rather clumsy on its feet.
  • They live in large flocks in the wild and mate for life. They only have a eggs every few years though.
  • They are carnivorous, preferring fish above anything, but have been know to pick at a carcass when hungry.

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