Human Avatars are a customisable part of Subeta. They are a human figure that you can dress up using the wardrobe feature. The clothes available are what the user has gained themselves. There is the feature to display all the clothes on Subeta but you can only wear what you own.

There are several things that you can customise on your avatar:

  • Gender
  • Hair and Hair Color
  • Facial Expression (eyes, nose and mouth)
  • Skin Color
  • Clothing


Gender can be changed in the wardrobe function. It is in the Avatar Editor section.

Hair and Hair ColorEdit

Hair and hair color can be changed via the Hair Salon that is run by Nathaniel. It is located either in Centropolis or under the Salons section in the wardrobe.

For a list of hair styles, please see Hair Styles. The page is image heavy and may be difficult for some with slow internet connection.

Facial ExpressionEdit

You can make custom expressions to be worn by changing the eyes, nose and mouth. This can be done via the Avatar Editor section in the wardrobe.

Skin ColorEdit

Skin tone can be changed by the Avatar Editor or to a more unique color by using the Tanning Salon. The tanning Salon is located either in Ziara City or under the Salons selection in the wardrobe.

For a list of available colors, please see List of Skin Colors.

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