In the event that a new pet becomes available, let me explain how to set up a nice pet page.

Note: Since Subeta is an American site, please use American spelling unless specified as other. eg. color NOT colour.

Step 1. Create a blank page.

Step 2. Adding the image is the tricky part. First, click on the "Source" button. This will take you to a blank page. Type in this code (without the quotation marks): ["["File":"petname".png"|"right"]"] Make sure that you select "Full Size" to make sure the image is not thumbnailed.

Step 3. Under the image, write briefly what the pet looks like (eg. "The Lain is a bird like pet."). Make sure to bold the pet's name.


Step 4. Add the heading "Appearance". You can make a heading by selecting the word/s you want as the heading and selecting "heading 2" from the drop down list.

Step 5. Under the appearance describe the pet in as much detail as possible. (eg. see the Mahar description)

Step 6. After the appearance create another heading titled "Did You Know?". Please Keep the question mark in the heading as well.

Step 7. In this section write down any trivia that may be known about the pet (eg. "Aeanoid is the genus of the Venus fly-trap, Dionaea, spelt backwards."). Make sure each new trivia is set on a bullet by selecting the button Bulletbutton after writing a sentence.

Step 8. If there is no trivia about the pet, simply write in italics: "There is currently no trivia about this pet."

Step 9. After the trivia section add another heading titled "See also". This section will usually link to the pets colour gallery. To link to the gallery simply write "List of [insert pet name here] Colors"

Step 10. Make sure to add the category "Pets" at the bottom of the page!

Adding A Pet Using MonobookEdit

Monobook uses a similar layout to Wikipedia and is rather different to adding articles with the new look.

Follow the steps as shown above. The only thing that changes is how to change font and you do not need to switch to "source" mode on step 2.

  • Bold text: click the button or type 3 ' before and after text
  • Italics: click the button or type 2 ' before and after text
  • Headings: Click the button with the large "A" or type "==" (without quotations) before and after text
  • Adding image: ["["File":"petname".png"|"right"]"] (without quotations)
  • Add Links to Wikia pages: click on the blue underlined writing button after selecting text or type "["[ (without quotations) ]"]"
  • Categories must be added manually by using this code: "["[ category:(without quotations) ]"]"

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