This will tell you how to add articles for new locations that are on Subeta.

Note: Since Subeta is an American site, please use American spelling unless specified as other. eg. color NOT colour.

Step 1. Create a blank page.

Step 2. Adding the image is the tricky part. First, click on the "Source" button. This will take you to a blank page. Type in this code (without the quotation marks): ["["File":"location".gif"|"right"]"] To select which image to use, pick what image is shown when you visit that location, eg. File:Centropolis birdseye.gif

Step 3. Write down where on the World Map the location is, if not on the world map, please specify where else it is and remember to add internal links!

Step 4. Next write down a small blurb about the place, eg. what the place looks like, who lives there, what the climate is like, etc. See the article Delphi Beach for a good example.

Step 5. Add a new heading titled "What's There?", making sure to keep the proper grammar.

Step 6. Make sure that each sentence starts with a bullet by clicking the button Bulletbutton. List what is located at the place, eg. "Token Shop - Accepting Wizard Tokens only please!" Please see other location articles for examples.

Step 7. Add a new heading titled "External Links" and list (make sure to bullet!) a link to the location on Subeta and any subetapedia article the place may have.

Adding A Character Using MonobookEdit

Monobook uses a similar layout to Wikipedia and is rather different to adding articles with the new look.

Follow the steps as shown above. The only thing that changes is how to change font and you do not need to switch to "source" mode on step 2.

  • Bold text: click the button or type 3 ' before and after text
  • Italics: click the button or type 2 ' before and after text
  • Headings: Click the button with the large "A" or type "==" (without quotations) before and after text
  • Adding image: ["["File":"petname".png"|"right"]"] (without quotations)
  • Add Links to Wikia pages: click on the blue underlined writing button after selecting text or type "["[ (without quotations) ]"]"
  • Categories must be added manually by using this code: "["[ category:(without quotations) ]"]"

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