The Hipottu is a pet resembling a pygmy hippopotamus.


The Hipottu is a clay-red animal resembling the pygmy hippopotamus. It has trails of golden-yellow and emerald-green spots on its head and limbs which give it the appearance of wearing jewelry, large green eyes, and blunt upper canine teeth which are visible when its mouth is shut. Its feet end in rounded, white toenails; its tail, in a tuft of mahogany hair. It has a pair of white feathered wings which allow it to fly.

It is available in 24 colors, including Darkmatter, Glacier and Spectrum.

Did You Know?Edit

  • The Hipottu was previously called Hipposaru before its revamp.
  • There was a big discussion about changing the name and it was picked out by the users of Subeta on the forums
  • The Hipottu is a limited pet.

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