The Harvester is a reaper-based pet.


The Harvester has a similar appearance as the Grim Reaper. It wears a tattered black robe split down the middle with red underneath and carries a large silver scythe with a wood handle. The only visible part of its body is its arms which are thin, have three fingers and are grey-skinned. It has large, glowing red eyes that can be seen from the blackness of its hood.

It is available in 22 colors, including Glacier, Graveyard and Reborn.

Did You Know?Edit

  • Harvesters originally come from Shadowglen Graveyard
  • They can, in fact, reap souls.
  • Harvesters are often described as wicked, scary, spooky, and evil.
  • A customized Dusk Harvester runs the Potion Lottery.
  • The company Harvester Night Trends provides all of the Harvester clothing to the Clothing Rack.

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