Gossip Georgiana was part of the Atebus Masquerade Murder. She appeared again during the 2012 Masquerade in an outfit designed by Lililace.

She handed out 2 invitations:

List of QuotesEdit

  • Mauve? What old bat told you that? This years colors are definitely deep red and off white. Nothing says luxury like the colors of wine and cream.
  • I really don't know how someone dressed as Victoria was managed to get a dance with someone as respectable as Isaac. Maybe that's why Vernon didn't like them dancing together; she was too shabby-looking by comparison. She seems like the type who wouldn't like hearing that either. Didn't she say one day Vernon would regret it? Yeah, classy.
  • It's so hard to believe the guest of honor is now dead. I wonder if the Ziaran Council will think twice before they invite another "honored" guest again.
  • I wish I could have made more of a connection with Garret when we danced. He seemed so distracted worrying about Jules and what he could do to cheer him up after his argument with his father, Vernon. It must be nice to have friends like who care that much. He seemed like he'd have done anything for him.
  • I got a dance with Garret! Can you believe it? Oh, he was positively spectacular, and so strong! I bet he could have lifted me up above his head with one hand!
  • Did you see that fabulously unique mask Marcel had on tonight? It's a pity he didn't dance very much after the evening got started. I would have loved to have danced with him to discuss where he got it. Unfortunately he was retiring to an antechamber to rest his feet as I was going to ask. Such a shame.

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