Gossip Cassandra was part of the Atebus Masquerade Murder. In 2012 she appeared during the Masquerade in an outfit designed by Hazel.

She handed out 2 invitations:

List of QuotesEdit

  • Oh, no, no, no, honey. Have you been to a Masquerade before? You must wear comfortable shoes for dancing!
  • I am really surprised that Mister Yun finally accepted the invitations from the Ziaran Council. I wonder what changed after all these years-- besides his marriage and relationship with his son.
  • My sister's hairdresser's husband does Jules taxes and let it slip that Jules was getting close to broke from all of the money he spends on his frivolous research.
  • It brings up an interesting question: Who inherits the Yun legacy? I know Marcel was his business partner, but it could just as easily go to Jules or Isaac. Oh, dear. What a messy situation.
  • I did overhear Garret telling Jules that he would always be there for him and would do anything. All Jules needed to do was ask. I recall Jules being quite upset at the time. What if that request was murder?
  • I know everyone is taking pity on "Poor Isaac" right now, but money does strange things to people. I can't say I pity him. How poor was he before he was adopted by Vernon? I suspect he grew to like the lavish lifestyle and wanted more of it.

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