Gossip Boudewijn was part of the Atebus Masquerade Murder. In 2012 he appeared during the Masquerade in an outfit designed by RoQ Candy.

He handed out 2 invitations:

List of QuotesEdit

  • All this pomp and circumstance over a man who never wanted to come here before. Now we're good enough for him? Pfft.
  • BAOWH-deh-wein. Why does everyone find this so hard to pronounce? It's not like I haven't been here before.
  • This whole ball is just a conspiracy to get the rich to spend more of their money. Do you realize how much we all spent to even attend this event? And then they want us to buy our own food and drink?
  • Well, you know, since no one danced with me except my mother unless I sent them an invitation, I had plenty of time to look around this evening. A lot of shady business going on, if you ask me.
  • Thank you for dancing with me. Mother said she was tired of dancing with me and I needed to go out and meet a real-- Hey, where are you going?!
  • I've been thinking. Mister Yun hasn't accepted an invitation from the Ziaran Council in years, but this year he comes, and I assume it's because he had something he wanted to show off, right? Instead, he winds up dead. Maybe that was his intention: a dramatic exit from life. Maybe this was suicide. He never did look happy since his wife left him, and especially less so since she died.
  • Isn't it interesting how Inspector Thorpe was on the scene so quickly? Was he here the whole time dancing?
  • I think I lost count of how many drinks Anthony has had. His wife is going to be so embarrassed with the way he's been running his mouth. I'm not sure how much stock I'd put in anything he's said tonight.

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