Gossip Abigail was part of the Atebus Masquerade Murder. In 2012 she appeared during the Masquerade in an outfit designed by Mimi Moe.

She handed out 2 invitations:

List of QuotesEdit

  • I'm so happy to be here with all of Atebus' elite. My mother always told me I was destined for great things. Next step? Secure a wealthy aristocratic man. I wonder if Mister Yun prefers blondes.
  • Have you seen the other young people here? Adriette looks so beautiful. I wonder why Mister Yun rejected her!
  • This is my first Masquerade. I'm a bit ashamed to admit how much of my parents' money I spent to get here, but oh! How elegant everyone looks. Well, except for Miss Ventura, but from what I'm told, this is elegant for her!
  • I guess we'll never know what Mister Yun's great surprise for us was. A grand discovery? A new business venture? An invention that would change Atebus forever?
  • I think I feel worst for poor Jules. He comes here with the intention of repairing his relationship with his father, only to find out that his father adopted another son, and after getting upset about that and storming off, now he has to deal with his father being murdered before he ever got to cool off and make amends. That has to be a terrible situation. I wonder if he and Isaac can ever have a brotherly relationship at all, now.
  • I can't believe it. My first Masquerade and something like this happens. I can't say this is at all what I had imagined. I hope it ends with poor Mister Yun and no one else gets hurt.
  • To be honest, I'm not sure whether I'm more frightened that we might still be in danger or unhappy that now the entire Masquerade is ruined. No one is going to want to dance and celebrate now.
  • Marcel seems like a jovial enough fellow, but I wonder how he was doing financially. That was a nice mask, but from what I'd heard, he didn't seem as lavishly dressed as he had in years' past.

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