The Ghostly is a ghost-based pet.


The Ghostly (GHOST-lee) is a brown ghost. It has a darker brown rimming the edge of its body and three fingered hands of the same color. It has a white head and cravat. It has a skull and crossbones for eyes and a happy smiling mouth with fangs.

Did You Know?Edit

  • Ghostlies are native pets of Shadowglen.
  • Ghostlies are not true ghosts, but more like wandering spirits.
  • At first, ghostlies are completely invisible. As they float into populated areas, they will rummage around for discarded garments, drapes, clothing, and other cloth items to don as cloaks.
  • Ghostlies tend to vary in height - though 3 feet (90 cm) tends to be around average.
  • Ghostling is a minion that resembles the Ghostly.

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