Fantine is the owner of The Bake Stop and Half Baked. She bakes everything in the store herself. She also has her own chance bag.

In 2011, Skitters sent Subetans a Morse coded message through pastries so that Fantine would get a kiss.

In 2012 she decided to become part of the Unliving so she could be with Skitters. She started a new disease called The Baker's Kiss. In march 2012, she decided to closed down her original business, The Bake Stop, due to lack of business above ground and opened up Half Baked in the Underground.

She eventually realised that she missed her old life above ground and so took the cure and reopened the Bake Stop, leaving Half Baked to be run by Elsie. Her and Skitters have since ended their relationship. The split was amicable though, and they are still friends.


On Fireside 2012, Fantine decided to offer herself as a volunteer for making a good use of those pumpkins that left on Morostide - normal and carved - so she could make pies out of them.

New BakeryEdit

In 2016 She opened a Bakery in Veta Lake beside her store The Bake Stop, which allows persons to bake various goodies.

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