Npc euclid

Euclid is a young scientist and the inventor of Ultimate Pet Zapper. Although he has allowed the public to use the zapper in exchange for 15 wizard tokens, he has noted that the zapper is still in a testing phase, so the results may be unpredictable. In exchange for 400,000sP, he can zap the player's pet into a random Experiment. Despite having studied alongside Ian Asmodeus, the two don't get along with each other. He conducts his experiments in The Darkside.

On February 10th, 2015 [1], Euclid gained his new appearance thanks to his rejuvenation experiment. The energy generated by the experiment also wiped out the Pet Zapper, thus making Euclid's zapper the only one that remains in Darkside.

During Morostide, he allows the members of Subeta to use Ultimate Pet Zapper on themselves in exchange for 50 wizard tokens. This changes the Human Avatar's skin to one of many unique skins. You can see them all at the Zapper Skin List.

Did You Know?Edit

  • Euclid was accidentally turned into a Wyllop for five years by Ian Asmodeus.
  • According to Rah [2], Euclid's Cringing Constrictor was given to him by Ian when he was turned into a Wyllop. Ian made the minion to tease his rival about his new form, but Euclid ended up bonding with it, and he kept it when he regained his human form.


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