The Endeavor is a robotic pet.


The Endeavor is a robotic dragon. It is made up of golden armour plating and has large wings. It has a single horn from its head and a long tail with spikes running down the length. It is a bipedal dragon, unlike the Cadogre.

It is available in 27 colors, including Reborn, Bloodred and Graveyard.

Did You Know?Edit

  • The Endeavor is a limited pet and is only available from Calvin Blackmoon.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the Endeavor was not originally made by Calvin Blackmoon. He found them already in use by the inhabitants of Atebus and heavily modified them for his own purposes.
  • The Endeavor has a minion version, the Endeavling.
  • There is a special suit and mask on the site based off the Endeavor (Suit of Endeavor and Endeavor Mask)

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