Dragarth dusk

Dusk is a color that pets can be turned into via a Dusk Potion. It features pets in various shades of dark blue.

Did You Know?Edit

  • Dusk and Dawn are opposites of each other.
  • Dusk pets and items are associated with the night sky, hard to see in the dark, blend in with the ocean, and said to be calming.
  • Dusk elixirs are often said to taste and smell like blueberries.
  • Dusk Cybills are the beach dwelling cousins of common Cybills.
  • Dusk Lains refuse to be seen in daylight.
  • Dusk Mahars are proclaimed to be the wisest of all Mahars.
  • The Dusk Ontra swims in the deepest rivers, hoping to find the lost treasure that its ancestors have hidden epochs before.

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