Dog Kennel
Dogsvscats dogkennel Dogs are often used as a symbol of status. Owners may choose a breed based on how they want to be perceived - a 'tough' looking dog for a tough looking owner. An expensive tiny dog for the rich girl on the go. A big fluffy teddy of a dog for the cuddly owner. But what a dog looks like on the outside doesn't always indicate what it's personality is going to be like. That big tough looking ball of muscle may very well be a big softie that is scared of the doorbell. That tiny little pooch may very well hate riding around in a handbag and will bark and yap to tell you so. The big fluffy teddy of a dog may actually not like cuddling at all, and get very defensive when people try to crowd it. Each dog has the potential to be a wonderful addition to the right family, but it's important that they are treated as living creatures and not an extension of how an owner wants to be seen. When it comes down to it, if you want a status symbol, buy some new clothes. Don't treat a dog like an accessory!
Rarity 110
Type(s): Clothing, Useable
Restocks at: Does not Restock
Wardrobe Layer: Ground
Notes: This item can be obtained by opening an October 2011 Collection. This item can transform into a Cat Carrier.
Wardrobe Previews
Image is the same for both genders.
B ground dogsvscats chow

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