The Clawsion is a beast-based pet.


The Clawsion (CLAW-see-on) is a blue mythical beast creature. It has dark blue bear ears, large green eyes and twin sabre teeth. From its back are a pair of white feather wings. It has a more feline body with diamond patters on its shoulders. The underside of its paws are a dark blue and its underbelly fur is a light blue.

Did You Know?Edit

  • Clawsions are known for their liking of chomping stuff and biting.
  • The Klawsion is a minion with a strong resemblance to this pet.
  • They are a native species to Arctic Frost and are found in the forests.
  • The Clawsion survive on eating sweet sap from trees that they use their fangs to puncture. They also eat hard-shelled bugs as well as crustaceans and honeycomb.
  • They stand at about 12-16 inches (30-40 cm) tall, they can weigh anywhere from 50-55 lbs (22-25kg).
  • A baby clawsion is known as saplings.

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