The Cadogre is a robotic pet.


The Cadogre (kah-DOH-ger) is a quadrupedal robot dragon. It is made up of red armour, the center of the chest containing a circular glass orb that looks like a radar. It has green eyes and large, fin like ears and a spiked moehawk. On its side are large red spikes that look like small wings. Its tail is straight and has small spiked along it. There are four triangular metal claws on each foot.

Did You Know?Edit

  • The Cadogre is a limited pet and is only available from Calvin Blackmoon's workshop.
  • They are made to be exactly 24 inches (64 cm) tall at the shoulders and weigh 100 pounds (45 kg)
  • They were originally weapons, but have since had them all removed except for the radar on its chest
  • They can be programmd with different AIs depending on what the owner wants
  • They are powered by batteries that can charge in mere seconds when needed
  • The Cadogre has a minion version, the Cadogite.

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