The Bumbus is an insect pet.


The Bumbus (BUM-bus) is a pale gold bumble bee with dark blue highlights. its body is rather fat and it has six arms tipped with dark blue. It has large dark blue eyes and a cutesy smile. It has a pair of light blue wings and a large, fuzzy, light blue mane around its 'neck' that runs down its belly.

Did You Know?Edit

  • The Bumbus is only available to adopt from the Blue Building
  • The plural of Bumbus is Bumbii
  • They are the oldest insects on Subeta
  • Bumbii are slightly larger than the Illumis, at a mere 1.5-2 lbs (.68-9 kg)
  • Queen Bea is the only Bumbus that is sentient and can speak
  • A bumbus sting will not kill the insect, but it will have to sleep for several hours after to regain their strength

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