Plumeriais a line of clothing by Subeautique designer Bow-E. It features a feminine outfit in plum colours with white and pink accents.

Released: February 14, 2012
Retired: May 31, 2013

Bow-E Plumeria-FBow-E Plumeria-M

Items Edit

Bow-E Plumeria Crumpled Slip Clothing sbq boweunder
Bow-E Plumeria Eyeliner Clothing sbq boweeyes
Bow-E Plumeria Hair Bow Clothing sbq bowebow
Bow-E Plumeria Hairspray Clothing sbq bowehair
Bow-E Plumeria Lip Stain Clothing sbq bowelips
Bow-E Plumeria Mary Janes Clothing sbq boweshoes
Bow-E Plumeria Necklace Clothing sbq boweneck
Bow-E Plumeria Overdress Clothing sbq boweover
Bow-E Plumeria Stockings Clothing sbq bowestockings

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