The Bovyne is a cow-like pet.


The Bovyne is a white cow with lavender spots on its body. Its tail ends in a spade point and it has longer hair around it hooves. It has bi-pronged silver horns as well as two small horns on its nose similar to that of a rhinoceros. Around its neck hangs a large round bell on a blue ribbon.

It is available in 25 colors, including Reborn, Glacier and Bloodred.

Did You Know?Edit

  • Many users don't like the Bovyne as they think the design is uncreative compared to some of the other pets.
  • Though it resembles a cow, some users enjoy it because it is one of the more friendly type pets.
  • The Bovyne is a domesticated species, developed by farmers living in Veta Lake's mountainous region. They are the primary source of all dairy products found in Subeta.

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