Bones is a game on Subeta.

How to PlayEdit

Bones bonesy

Bones is run by the telenine Bonesy McBones, who you play against in this game. To start a game it costs 500 sP. You click on the "Click here to play!" link and it will take you to a sub screen that will tell you how many bones you are starting with. To start the round click on the "Let the game begin!" link. Each round you can take 1, 2 or 3 bones from the line and Bonesy will do the same. You continue to do this until there are no bones left. The loser is the one who has to take the last bone.

Some have found that there is a specific pattern that you can follow that will make you win each time at this game. You can play this game once per day.


For winning the game you will be awarded 1,000 sP and a random game item.


  • Bones - Win a game against Bones!

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