Velosotor bloodred

Bloodred is a color that pets can be turned into via a Bloodred Potion. It features black colored pets looking threatening and covered in blood with red highlights.

Did You Know?Edit

  • Bloodred potions are often made with real blood.
  • The Bloodred Dragarth Elixir was made by draining the blood of 100 innocent dragarth.
  • Bloodred Lasirus Elixir is made from the harvested blood of baby felis.
  • Bloodred pets/items are described as nasty, evil, bloody, vicious, foul, and gruesome.
  • Bloodred beanbags have been known to eat people and pets.
  • A detached root of a Bloodred Aeanoid is still as dangerous as what it was attached to. Some are known to even strangle unsuspecting people who pick up the piece.
  • Unlike Blackmoon's other robots, the Bloodred Endeavor is kept at his tower. Blackmoon awaits the day he awakens to wreak havoc on Subeta.

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