• LiCobra

    Blob Kitty Items

    May 8, 2017 by LiCobra
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    Anyu Items

    May 6, 2017 by LiCobra
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    Plushie Parlour Items

    January 30, 2016 by LiCobra
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    Animated Items

    January 16, 2016 by LiCobra

    This list does not contain Custom Wearables.

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  • Deletest

    I've decided to archive some of the large events that happened so far in 2014 - from January on.

    I have not added the images to these posts, if you would like to see the images you can click on the news post title to see the whole post. I also did not add posts when new items were added to the site, although item revamp posts are included. Shop restocks (Token, BHH, etc.) were also not included in this archive.

    This post covers January 2014

    Get those hot water bottles out, this cold spell isn't going anywhere! Or you could carry on chilling with the glacier ghostly and wyllop, who have both received slight revamps!

    Melman has saved up enough from years of repairing computers to retire, and has shut down his quests! As a tribute other quest giv…

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  • LiCobra

    Old Item Images

    May 19, 2013 by LiCobra

    This is my large list of unvamped items so that there is a record of what the items were before.

    101 Uses for Llama Spit

    A Guide to Minions I

    A Guide to Minions II

    Angelic Potion

    Angelic Puff Plushie

    Anger Management Mallet

    Apple Pie

    Arid Potion

    Arid Serpenth Plushie

    Blue and Yellow Party Hat

    Bloodred Potion

    Bloodred Archan Plushie

    Bloodred Donadak Plushie

    Bloodred Pets

    Bloodred Swampie Lamp

    Bloody Nightmare

    Book of Blight

    Book of Death

    Book of Demons III

    Book of Shadows

    Burning Star Rod


    Cream Potion

    Crystal Shard


    Dawn Potion

    Dusk Potion


    Evil Lovely Whale

    Evil Potion

    Field Potion

    Feli Love Stories

    Fire Bubbles

    Fishliver Oil

    Ghastly Gruesome Graveyard Ghost Stories

    Ginger Root

    Glacier Potion

    Gold Dust

    Gold Potion

    Graveyard Potion

    Holy Water

    How To Write I

    In Th…

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