Plushie dusk gatekeeper

Welcome, Traveler, to Blackheart Hollow.

If you're interested in the history of such a desolate location on Subeta, then you should know that there was once a powerful god who lived in this area. When he left, he created this place for us to remember him by. I am its guardian, the Gate Keeper. Magical Artifacts sometimes appear here for you to purchase, although I only accept a special type of coin...

Blackheart Hollow is located at The Darkside.  It is the first, brightest cave on the middle right on the narrow trail up to Maleria's castle.  It is run by The Gate Keeper. It sells a variety of items ranging from potions to wigs and even minions. Blackheart Hollow requires Wizard Tokens to buy items. It restocks twice a day, but the restocking times are random.

During the Masquerade: Ziara History plot, it was revealed that Blackheart Hollow is a rift in time, all items being sold here are lost in time forever.

For a list of Blackheart Hollow items see Blackheart Hollow Items.

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